9 Unbeaten Champions in the 2023 League of Legends Competitive Season: LEC, LCS, LCK, and LPL Spring Splits Updates

Clean is probably the only exemption because he was banned a few times, despite the fact that seven out of the 8 restrictions were done in the LCS (according to Games of Legends). Bergen holds the only triumph on Clean, having actually gone 4/0/12 versus TSM.

According to stats website Gaming of Legends, nine champions still have a 100 percent win rate. Blitz crank, Mordekaiser, Rear, Rumble, Hagar, Sett, Singed, Warner, as well as Clean have actually been played as well as are still unbeaten.

Hagar recently obtained some major enthusiasts in Patch 13.4, which is gradually pushing greater in concern among mid layers. The LPL is normally the fastest at spotting the new picks, as well as Hagar made its opening night on TTs group, played by their mid later Ducal. Considering that the champ is strong, he is going to be the one to look out for in the following weeks, and see whether he can preserve his perfect win price.


Among the nine champions, one of the most played is Rumble, which was chosen a total amount of 4 times, done in the LPL. Particularly, Oms to planer Shanxi played it 3 times, demolishing the enemy to planers with the pick. The Chinese to planer is understood for having these certain choices, as he was the very first to play UDR top this period (in a video game that he won).

With a total amount of 116 champions chose up until now, there are some that have actually had more success contrasted to others. That claimed, there are a number of champions that haven't lost a video game.

When it comes to Adam, the French player had played it against Group Heretics in the recently of the regular split. Once again, Sett was selected to reduce the effects of adversary Servants involve. It wasn't a terrific video game for him, having died 6 times, however Group BDS was still able to find out triumphant.

While all of these champions have rather a low pick rate and a visibility rate (pick or outlawed) nearing no percent, the teams had the ability to take benefit of these picks strengths in figured out matches.

Mordekaiser has always been a strong counter-pick in particular competitions as well as the LPL verified the point, picking it against Sion and also Gwen. Both gamers that piloted Mordekaiser so far are Edward Gaming leading later Ale and also Surplus Phoenix AZ fairness. Offered the variety of matches left in the LPL, we might see Mordekaiser chose once more.

The 4th win, on the other hand, originated from Rare Atoms leading later Dice versus Bidibidi Gaming.

Sett, on the various other hand, was played in the LEC by Team BDS to planer Adam, and in the LCK by T1s mid later Faker. The Organization GOAT played him in the collection versus Guangdong Frees, with the primary goal of negating the enemies involve and tanking for its group. Despite the fact that he didn't have extraordinary stats, Faker went deathless and also provided Sett the very first win of the period.

Singed is an additional pocket pick that present and also just Korean KT Roster assistance gamer Legends plays. The LPL is normally the fastest at spotting the new choices, and also Hagar made its initial look on TTs team, played by their mid later Ducal.

When as jungles, Warner and Rear were both played. The Crystal Vanguard appeared as soon as in the LPL in the series between LGD Pc gaming and Unusual Atom, as Lads jungle Meteor located great success with the pick.

Going via the order of suits played, we have Blitz crank, Mordekaiser, and also Sett with 2 success on the scoreboard. The support champion has actually been played when in the LPL (IG Wink) and also when in the LCS (TL Core) with terrific success, balancing a 7.5 DA in the two matches (according to Gaming of Legends).

Singed is another pocket choice that only Oriental and also present KT Roster assistance player Legends plays. He drew it out once again this year in the series versus DRX. It's the only time he played it this season thus far, after the six matches from 2022.

Among the 9 champions, the most played is Rumble, which was selected an overall of four times, all in the LPL. In specific, Oms leading later Shanxi played it three times, destroying the adversary to planers with the pick. The Chinese to planer is known for having these certain choices, as he was the first to play UDR leading this period (in a video game that he won).

Rear, on the various other hand, was seen in the LCS. Blazer played in the collection versus TSM, ending the game with a 4/3/8 score and also a fast sub-27-minute victory (according to Games of Legends).

The five staying champions (Rear, Warner, Singed, Hagar, and also Clean) were all played once. All of these champions are fairly unpopular in the meta.

Were two months into the 2023 Organization of Legends affordable season, while the LEC has actually currently crowned its own champ in the first-ever Wintertime Split, the various other three significant regions (LCS, LACK, as well as LPL) are entering the 2nd part of their respective Springtime Divides.