Warzone 2: A Glimpse Of Hope On Ashika Island With The Resurgence Map

In 2 weeks the fans await the 2nd season of Responsibility: War zone 2. The new upgrade includes many changes on the one hand, for the players waiting impatiently. On the other hand, the renewal mode returns with a brand-new map. Ashoka Island now has the first photos and the neighborhood puts excellent hope in the brand-new upgrade.

War zone 2: New Resurgence Map Ashoka Island

Numerous War zone 2 players do not have a smaller map, such as Renewal Island and Fortunes Keep from the very first War zone. The resurgence mode played on the small maps was popular with lots of players since of the fast and constant action, since due to the limited size and more regular return, death was not so crucial. Even the statement of a brand-new map supplied pleasure with the community. The first photos of Ashoka Island can be found in the other day through the Call of Duty's Twitter channel. The map was produced by designer High Moon Studios, along with Fortunes Keep. In addition to the introduction map, four screenshots from the MAP were likewise published. The brand-new map will just represent part of the material of the Season 2 update, numerous changes to War zone 2 have actually currently been announced, which might resolve many issues in the neighborhood. These include the Gulag, the Loot system or the movement. The designers have already provided an outlook on the changes:

Neighborhood looks ideally at new map

Already under the tweets there are many positive talks about the look of the brand-new map.


The castle in specific is highlighted as particularly nicely and many can not anticipate to explore the map. The MAP is also diligently gone over in the Reddit: There are a few issues that the map might be a bit too big, but it is presently hard to make any facts. Ashoka Island's appearance is also applauded in the comments, and it is often highlighted that High Moon Studios has actually already done an excellent job with Fortunes Keep. How the map will take location at the end, we are all likely to discover out at the start of Season 2. The must be on 15. February 2023 start. Up until then, information about the material are most likely to follow, and a trailer is also to be expected.