Unraveling The Mystic Symbols of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom: An Investigation By Fans

The release of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is quickly approaching, and we still have little information about the overall plot of the game. Unlike Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, this Nintendo production had relations only through three trailers: the announcement that presents the game's synopsis, a second in E3 2021 that launches the concept foundations and one last to reveal the official title and which gives some new details for a minute and a half. We have therefore learned that our dear link will evolve on a map of Rule, but a constellation of islands floating in the sky, the famous tears of the kingdom will come to cover the heavens. In addition, strange symbols have been seen and for several months fans have been trying to understand their meaning.

What do these symbols mean?

Players were presented to these symbols for the first time during the 2019 ad trailer. Zelda and Link are seen exploring underground ruins, just to be confronted by a force of evil that seems to be freeing. Around it, a whirlwind of green/blue symbols disappear as evil-gunarphone spreads. We therefore deduce that these signs would represent a kind of magic force or would be an old language. In other trailers, symbols appear recorded on the walls or even on the back of the magic hand. It was enough for Reddit users, who immediately created an entire subforum dedicated to this. There are several theories and especially translation attempts.

An old civilization?

Many beginner researchers pointed out that these symbols would closely resemble the foundations of writing in our world. In ancient civilizations, people used drawing-based writing and gradually turned them into different alphabets.


Some, therefore, think that Zelda's developers: Tears of the Kingdom would have been inspired by ancient writing to develop their own language.

The consistency with what we saw in the trailers would be present. Zelda and Link exploring the ruins of Rule would correspond to the existence of an ancient civilization that would allow us to learn more about the origins of this world. For many, these signs may be related to the ancient Civilization Zonal suggested in eath of the Wild. It remains to wait until May 12 to find out if all these theories are true... or not! In the meantime, if you want to know more about these symbols, this Celtic video in English summarizes the fan research a lot.