SWTOR Datacron Locations Guide - Republic Side Taris - Codex Lore Achievement!

Paris is easily accessible to both Republic and Imperial, however each intrigue concerns it at a various degree and also with a one-of-a-kind storyline. This overview discusses all the Dacrons that you can find on the world Paris as a Republic faction gamer. The earth is situated in The Seat of the Empire market of the Galaxy Map.

Dacrons are hidden collectible products in SW TOR that supply a long-term stat boost to every one of your characters within your Heritage on a server.

Each walkthrough sector of the overview constantly begins with the suggested starting point on the map and also ends with the place of the Dacron itself as well as the Information Codex Access.

There are lots of Dacrons spread out throughout both the Republic and Empire intrigues in SW TOR. Each Dacron you accumulate completely boosts the statistics of every personality you have, including brand-new characters. Every Dacron likewise opens a Codex Access which unlocks Lore for you to review.

  • Paris (Republic) Blue Mastery Dacron Location
  • Paris (Republic) Orange Mastery Dacron Place
  • Paris (Republic) Red Proficiency Dacron Place
  • Paris (Republic) Purple Proficiency Dacron Area
  • Paris (Republic) Green Matrix Shard Dacron Place


Paris (Republic) Blue Mastery Dacron Area

The beginning factor for this Dacron remains in the Metropolitan Energy Area in the northern part of the Republic Resettlement Zone (leading left on the globe map).

Walk the corner as well as stick to the step till you reach the large system listed below with a hole in it. Leap down on the platform.

Walk up to the steel wall on the left side of the path, past the old trees. Climb up on the steel base of the wall as well as walk it. Adhere to that ledge right throughout.

From the system, jump with the opening onto the red pipeline under the system. Under of that red pipe is the Blue Dacron for Republic gamers.

This Dacron will permanently boost your Proficiency with +2. It opens the Galactic History 23 Codex Entry for Republic Players. The Realms' version of this Dacron is Eco-friendly as well as grants Stamina +3 and also Galactic Background 48 Codex Access to Realm Athletes.

From the last mesh platform, dive onto the busted steel light beam as well as from it onto the huge damaged pipeline. Walk throughout and leap onto a little silver pipe. Stroll to its end and also jump onto a ledge listed below it.

Effectively gathering the Dacron will certainly offer you +2 Proficiency to all personalities and also the adhering to Codex Access:

Galactic Background 23-The Sith Order Begins

Led by the legendary warrior and also tactician Junta Pall, the Dark Jedi began creating the Sith right into a glorious human being, built on the concepts they had established after braking with the Jedi Order. They got the building and construction of fantastic monoliths on Kerrigan-- large cities that did not make it through the ages, fancy tombs and glorious holy places.

Banished for terrible dark side experiments, a team of Dark Jedi made a last stand versus the Jedi Order on Combos, where they were eventually defeated. The survivors fled past the boundaries of Republic space and, looking for a haven, they uncovered the earth Kerrigan-- residence to the red-skinned Sith varieties. The Sith looked on the Dark Jedi Pressure abilities with admiration, as well as worshiped them as gods.

As time passed, the Dark Jedi as well as the Sith types intermarried, until there were few real purebloods remaining. Eventually, there were just small physical distinctions in between them. There were just the Sith, strong in the dark side of the Pressure, as well as their new Sith Realm.

Paris (Republic) Orange Mastery Dacron Location

This Dacron will completely increase your Proficiency with +2. It unlocks the Galactic History 24 Codex Entry for Republic gamers. The Realms' version of this Dacron is Blue and also grants Proficiency +4 and also Galactic Background 49 Codex Access to Empire Players.

This Dacron is in the Derelict Swoop Tracks area, in the Suleiman Marsh z1. The beginning factor is a damaged pipe that goes down int various other ground.

At the end of the beam of light, run up to the ledge and action onto the system.

Cross to the various other end and make a dive. Take care, there's a void between the walk and the platform.

At the very end of the following system is the Dacron.

These damaged slabs are divided by a framework, yet there are 2 gaps. You have to jump with them.

When you get to completion, rely on deal with northwest as well as get on the busted piece. Use an installation to ensure you leap far enough. Stroll onto that structure to the next platform and after that transform right, to face northeast.

Follow that beam to the next piece of broken slab.

At the leading end of the pipeline, embark on onto the metal platform, transform southeast, and stroll onto the metal light beam.

Efficiently collecting the Dacron will certainly offer you +2 Proficiency to all characters and the adhering to Codex Entry:

Galactic Background 24-Empress Tea

Empress Tea was the beneficiary to Soros Major and also was identified that the rest of the Soros system would certainly share its success. To that end, Tea started the Marriage Battles, hoping to bring the entire system under her rule.

Empress Tea would certainly end up being understood as one of the Republics the boldest commanders. The Soros system was eventually renamed after her.

The Republic had actually taken pleasure in an extended period of tranquility throughout the Anderson Period, yet the Soros system was quickly coming to be trouble. The earth Soros Major was secure, expanding wealthy on carbonite exports, the various other six worlds of the system were poor as well as significantly criminal.

Paris (Republic) Red Mastery Dacron Place

There is a gap in between the horizontal mesh system as well as the ramp. The Dacron is waiting for you right there, behind the crates.

This Dacron will completely boost your Mastery with +2. It opens the Galactic History 25 Codex Entry. The Empires' version of this Dacron is Yellow and also gives Presence +4 and Galactic Background 51 Codex Entry to Realm Athletes.

The beginning factor for the Red Proficiency Dacron is outside a cave in the Ruined Pipework in the north components of Suleiman Marsh. The closest Quick Traveling is Manner Outpost in the southeastern edge of The Sinking City z1. From there, head down southern through the tunnel as well as into The Suleiman Marsh zone.

Get in the cavern and also adhere to the tunnels all the means throughout, to the square-shaped open area. You angle use a place and there are a great deal of Bagfuls inside.

The entry to the cave is near the link between Suleiman Marsh as well as The Sinking City. The Dacron itself is at the other end of the cave, in Transportation Station 5.

After you exit the passage, transform left and go north. Climb up on the busted piece of slab or some sort of system as well as dive onto the gray pipeline and afterwards onto the steel mesh platform.

Successfully gathering the Dacron will offer you +2 Mastery to all characters and also the following Codex Access:

Galactic History 25-Two Rivals

As the Sith Empire grew in power, a couple of Sith influenced such concern as Mark Reigns, an autocrat who ruled for a century. His fatality developed a power vacuum, leaving the Sith Lords Ludo Press and Nāga Shadow vying for supremacy.

The ship came from 2 hyperspace explorers, the siblings GAV as well as Lori Dragon, that had actually located Kerrigan. As the Sith Council disputed the Dragons destiny, Nāga Shadow saw chance. The hyperspace routes causing the Republic had actually been lost; the Dragons were his possibility to rediscover them.

During Mark Reigns funeral service on Kerrigan, Shadow and Press fought a duel, each asserting he was a lot more fit to be Dark Lord of the Sith-- the then-unique title of the Empires utmost leader. However, the spirit of Reigns himself appeared, asserting a golden era of the Sith was coming. Moments later on, the funeral setting up looked out: A Republic ship had actually been recorded.

Paris (Republic) Purple Mastery Dacron Location

When you reach the square-shaped area. Try to find the stack of boxes in the southeastern corner. There is a door behind them. Dive over the pet crates and get in the hallway behind them. It brings about the Emergency Exit on the upper degree.

Transform southeast and get in the below ground complicated with an opening in the huge pipeline. This is Dynamic General Hospitals Study Level.

The Dacron remains in the Republic Restoration Premises, in the center of The Sinking City area. Beginning factor is outside the destroyed two-story structure on the road from Waypoint Terminal Are to Manner Outpost.

When you reach the side, leap down on the ground.

The building has its very own area map. Enter southern side, exit from the west. Enjoyable truth: At launch, this structure was incredibly buggy as well as laggy as well as we (the players) were struggling to find out why.

This Dacron will completely enhance your Mastery with +2. It unlocks the Galactic History 26 Codex Access.

The Dacron is all the method at the end of the corridor, opposite the emergency situation departure, which, certainly, is blocked.

Effectively collecting the Dacron will offer you +2 Proficiency to all characters as well as the adhering to Codex Access:

Galactic Background 26-Naga Shadow's Deceptiveness

With the Dragons punished to fatality, Shadow assisted them leave, intending to use them to rediscover the hyperspace routes to the Republic. He after that claimed to the Sith Council that Republic agents had released the prisoners.

Nāga Shadows competitor, Ludo Press, grew suspicious. As Shadow started to train GAV Dragon as his protégé, Press increased a force versus Shadow, intending to expose his betrayal. However, Shadow crushed Dresses militaries as well as stated himself Dark Lord of the Sith. In the confusion of the battle, Lori Dragon got away back to the Republic, not understanding her ship lugged a homing sign for the Sith to adhere to.

Paris (Republic) Green Matrix Shard Dacron Place

The Dacron is inside the Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant in The Suleiman Marsh z1. The beginning point is just outside the plant, in the southernmost component, called Forgotten Under city.

Get in the complex, go through the steel bridge to the south system, walk east and also take the ramp to the lower degree. Player 1 will certainly have to push the switch (marked with 1 on the picture below), while player 2 stands in the middle of the grid behind the console with the button (significant with 2 on the picture below). Gamer 2 is you, and also you will certainly be raised in the air as well as onto the pile over you.

This Dacron calls for two players. You will certainly require a good friend to help you reach the location.

When you mindful the pipe, turn north and stroll on the smaller sized pipeline leading to the tiny platform where the Dacron is.

Matrix Shards are mission items that you can make use of to create a Relic Matrix Shard. The Shards are gained Per-Character. This indicates that despite the fact that the Dacron is thought about accumulated for your whole Tradition if you wish to obtain the Matrix Fragment on a different personality you will certainly have to locate the Dacron once more on that particular character. This Dacron opens the Galactic Background Codex 27 Entry.

Successfully collecting the Matrix Dacron will provide you 1 Eco-friendly Matrix Shard in the Objective Things Tab of your Inventory, as well as the adhering to Codex Entrance:

Galactic History 27-The Terrific Hyperspace War

The beginning factor for the Red Mastery Dacron is outside a cavern in the Shattered Pipework in the north components of Suleiman Marsh.

The Empires' version of this Dacron is Yellow and grants Visibility +4 as well as Galactic Background 51 Codex Access to Empire Athletes.

The Realms' version of this Dacron is Blue and gives Proficiency +4 as well as Galactic Background 49 Codex Entrance to Realm Athletes.

The Sith had actually never forgotten their very first exile from Republic room. With a path unintentionally laid by the hyperspace explorer Lori Dragon, Sith Lord Nāga Shadow saw a chance for vengeance and also to broaden the borders of the Sith Realm. He had fooled the Sith Council right into believing the Republic will assault and also united several Sith factions right into a large intrusion fleet.

Every Dacron likewise opens a Codex Entry which unlocks Tradition for you to review.


Jedi and also Republic forces rallied quickly, however strengthened by Sith sorcery, Shadows attacks were terrible and also unforeseeable. The problem promptly spread out throughout the galaxy, till also Coruscate was intimidated. The Great Hyperspace War came to be the first dispute on an absolutely galactic scale.

Lori Dragon had actually done her best to warn the Republic of an upcoming Sith intrusion, yet just the warlord Empress Tea thought her. When Shadows whole fleet showed up in the Soros system and opened fire, Tea was still collecting her militaries.

The Realms' version of this Dacron is Environment-friendly and also gives Endurance +3 and Galactic Background 48 Codex Access to Realm Athletes.