SV Darmstadt 98 Heading for Bundesliga Return - Only Klopp Knows the Feeling

After 21 period games, just a team with leader Darmstadt can complete 98 in the 2nd Bundesliga. And that attends on Saturday evening (8.30 p.m., live! At Twist) for the absolute hit game at the Volleyball objective. Burger SV is four factors behind the lilies, which have only shed one league game to date. It was actually on the first match day in mid-July last year that the group of train Torsten Lieberknecht was substandard to 0-2 in Regensburg. The first leg in Hamburg won Darmstadt 2: 1 - and presently no more appears to be dissuaded from returning to the Bundesliga. With 48 factors in the account, there are already 8 factors in advance of the transfer area and Dagenham, on the fourth Paderborn even ten. If sensations are trying to do, an appearance at the statistics assists: Given that the introduction of the three-point position for the 1995/96 season, there has actually only been when that a team with 44 or even more points after 21 game days did not finish has attained. We are speaking about 1st FSV Mainz 05 under the instructions of a specific Jürgen Klopp. The Chanhassen had actually started the second division period 2001/02 with a number of beginning documents, prior to the last match day the fall champion was 2 points in advance of the initial non-promotion location.

headache in Köpenick

At the then second division advertised Union Berlin, nonetheless, the Mainz nerves stopped working, via the 1: 3 in Köpenick, Kl opp & Co. With 64 factors, the FSV is still the best in the factor in the lower residence in the three-point era. Back to Darmstadt: 48 points after 21 suit days are a historically strong exploitation much better, a 2nd division team was never there at that time of the period.


Just Braunschweig (2012/13, second at the end of the period) and also Nuremberg (2000/01, champs) had the exact same number of points in the account.

44 factors after 21 suit days are the boundary, with which 13 out of 14 teams (except Mainz) attained promotion to the Bundesliga. Of all points, the HSV missed the Bundesliga return to the 2018/19 period with 43 points after 21 season video games.