Red-Sünder Streich: An Unexpected Journey Through Football History

SC Freiburg Borussia Dortmund wished to deal with a 3-5-2 system, however after 17 minutes the Brasher needed to decline their match strategy. Rail player Kilian Sildillia saw yellow two times within 2 minutes and therefore had to shower early. SCF coach Christian Stretch brought a circumstance in the introduction of the very first warning on the palm, as he exposed at journalism conference after the video game.

A few seconds in front of the very first warning, Stretch has actually viewed a battle between Daniel KOF Yeah and Niklas Sure: KOF wishes to go to the back of Niklas Sure, and he drives out his arm, hits it on his neck and power. However instead of whistling, referee Robert Schröder let the video game continue, later on there was a battle in between Karim Adam and Sildillia on the opposite side. The Kilian actually did the same-I took a look at it numerous times-and then there is yellow. That is not the proportionality you want, Stretch explains his anger. Soon afterwards, Sildillia saw yellow-red after another battle with ALEXEI, the already exceptional Dortmund were now pushing the SCF deep in front of his own objective. Before the break, Lucas Hole's compensation gate flared up once again by Lucas Hole's gate, but BVB suffocated in the germ after the restart. In the end it was a 1: 5 swatter that Stretch's team needed to take.


At the last goal, nevertheless, the coach was no longer one of the eyewitnesses, in the 77th minute prank of the arena interior was expelled.

Stretch's trouble about yourself

What occurred? There was a duel in midfield. Chico (Nicolas Howler) originates from the side, plays the ball really easily and a whistle comes versus us again. Then I escaped, I was very frustrated and stated that he needs to have one Genes shirt put on, Stretch described the scene, after which he suggested the referee to place on a Dortmund jersey, the relentless disproportionality had brought him to the palm. The 4th official had actually heard his remark on Stretch's Pecos- that is excessive for him and that is easy to understand. After Schröder had actually cautioned him with yellow, he had actually slipped out a gesture who had actually currently moved the referee to the grandstand for the fourth time in his term in Freiburg. What irritates me most now is that the referee can justify me legitimately. That was my stupidity, of course that doesn't assist the team. Maybe even a bit more than the disproportionality, as this video game was led today