Investigate the Presence of Goblins in Hogwarts Heritage - A Step-by-Step Guide

Hogwarts's heritage offers many main and side quests to hold the attention of the players. Sometimes even the simplest tasks can be complex and time-consuming. In this leadership, we will discuss one of these missions that requires you to investigate the presence of goblins during the trial of Persian Rehab the main quest.

How to fulfill the task Expect the presence of goblins in the Ho tarts Heritage

After meeting with the professor, a fig at the tower will give you a task, study the presence of goblins. Follow the professor and enter the goblin camp using secrecy or aggressively. You need to enter the tent south of the entrance to the tower (first image). Inside the tent you will find a letter on the table (second image) that you must choose to complete the current task. During our attempt, we destroyed all the loyalists of Rings and tried to find a way to open the gate of the tower.


In the end, thanks to the Revelry spell, we stumbled upon a letter in this tent at the far end of the camp.

You can also perform this task imperceptibly using the Disillusionment and Petrifies Totals spells. As soon as you take a letter, you will have to fight off the goblins group, after which the professor of FIG will open the gate for you, which will continue the trial of Persian RE CHAM. Stay with us in Pro Game Guides to learn more about Hogwarts's legacy. In the meantime, read our article on how to get a spell for Ratio (unforgivable curse) in the Hogwarts heritage.