Genshin Impact: How To Complete The Local Assignment Chain Of Tasks And Rejoice In What Has Been Found!

Rejoice with me, because what has been lost is now found is the local Genshin Impact task, which can be completed after the task chain of The Dirge of Bills. In this short continuation, you should help Jack revive Been, having received important sources of energy from Fatwa.

How to unlock the Genshin Impact global task Rejoice with me, for what has been lost now found

You can unlock this quest only after the end of the entire quest chain The Dirge of Bills: Wisdom built her house, displaced the seven pillars of his Temple where sand flows like tears Bent in the dunes' fertility, part I Bent in the dunes' fertility, part 2 Bent in the dunes' fertility, part 3 Eternal Dream, Ever Lush

How to complete the local task Rejoice with me, for what has been lost is now found in Genshin Impact

When all preliminary conditions are fulfilled, switch the game time at any time during the day (the sun should still be in the game). A blue exclamation mark will appear in Tacit camps. You can slide right into the area from the statue of seven to find Jet in her house.

Talk to her to activate the local task. After a conversation with Jet, you will be invited to go to the eider tent to find Been. Follow the quest marker and step on a luminous point to call dialogue. Next, interact with the table behind Jet find a map, as well as tips about the whereabouts of Fate. You will receive a quest item called Note on the exchange of goods, and when you press the quests' navigator, an image of the card will open.

head to the specified place in the letter

You need to go to the place marked on the map that you found in the Jeshua tent. Its exact location is circled on the image above, right in front of the track point of the teleport in steel dunes. When you get to this place, you will see familiar Fate flags denoting their camp.

wait in place of a secret meeting

Enter the camp and sit on a chair by the fireplace to continue the quest. Fate Electron Civil Mage and Hydrogunner will appear. Defeat them to start a dialogue with the negotiator of Fate, who will show the location of the condensers of energy transformation that can save Been.

Go to the Fate fortress

Follow the quests' navigator to the Far North, where you will find familiar flags of fate and animal animals that carry a symbol of Fate. Enter the cave, where you will find several shooters.


You do not have to win them, but it is better to make sure that they do not bother you.

collect several capacitors of energy transformation.

As soon as you find yourself inside the cave, interact with the gate to open it with the help of the key received from the tug of Fate. As soon as you enter the goal, you will immediately notice two boxes in the corner. You will find the first luminous spot behind them. Interact with it to get the first capacitor of energy transformation. Then turn right to find a bunch of boxes that block your path. Break them with any attack to unlock the path, opening another small clearing. Before the tent of the fat, you will find another luminous spot. Interact with it to get the second capacitor of energy transformation. You will find the last luminous spot next to the nearest torch. Interact with it to get the last capacitor of energy transformation. When you have all three, you will be invited to return to Jet's tent in Tacit camps. Talk to her and give her three capacitors of energy transformation to complete the world task. You also unlock the achievement of the Wonders of the World called even the Manual did not need... Check out our guidance on how to get Lisa's A Sobriquet Under Shade on Genshin Impact here in Pro Game Guides to get the Summer Object.