Warzone 2: Purchase stations have a new problem. Some players are not satisfied with Battle Royale's buying stations, as they

Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 is still wrapped in controversy. The Infinity Ward title has already entered your mid-season, but have all bugs corrected? Purchase stations are presenting a small problem for players

War zone 2.0 Purchase Players' Stations

Between the high amount of Sheets and some cheats within the standards, players face a new problem: they can't access their personalized weapons according to their classes when they go to the purchase stations. As we can see in this short section that was shared on Twitter by the user responding as Donovan0315, when he will buy his Fennec 45 for $5000, he receives another item... The Ralph machine gun. Unfortunately, according to the comments following this post, it does not seem to be the only one to have this problem as other players shared his experience, having explained that for four games in a row, it was impossible for him to have his M13 : He had the signal 50 instead.


You can check out the half-season patch notes. Dozens of bugs have been corrected, but none that concerns not being able to get the personalized weapon.


It is unsure whether developers have already corrected this problem and have not put it in the new patch, or if players will still have to deal with this situation longer. There were other problems in the buying stations, such as the game's client freezing or that prevented players from catching phones, or even the items bug have no description.

All were resolved.