NC Bloso 2, large-scale update 'blooming'. NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek -jin, NC)

NC soft (CEO Kim Taejon, NC) is multi-platform MMORPG (Multi-connected role-playing game)' Blade & Soul 2 '(hereinafter referred to as Also 2) launched a large-scale update' Flowering 'on the 14th.

Also 2 has updated the World Dungeon 'Songbook's Court'. This is a content that can be enjoyed by the World Civil War Server users. The more difficult the first floor, the higher the difficulty. Keeping the new boss frenzy's sword 'brainwashed bird' and 'black horse' of disasters can get various items including new legendary equipment manufacturing materials. 'Black Ma-young' is scheduled to be released later.

The 'Soul Awakening' system was also released. It is a new system that awakens souls above hero grade. Wearing an awakening soul will be a chance to create a soul's unique blade effect and a new soul awakening martial arts. Heroes and legendary souls can be awakened up to 1 and 3 stars, respectively.

Also 2 added a new content 'Story Pack'. The user becomes the main character of the story pack, so you can experience the immersive play by quests. In the first story pack, you can play the wandering troupe 'Lee SEO'.

The integrated matching system 'Master Matching' was also introduced. Free party dungeons can be matched between Yard, Shirt and Pass World.

NC (NC) will hold a special reward event to celebrate the update. All users who connect by the 21st receive the update commemorative gift by mail. Among the items, 'Blooming Was' can get several reward items by opening seven days every 24 hours from the initial opening time. On the seventh day, 'Legendary Soul' can be obtained.

The user can participate in the Merry Christmas Event and the Last Tiger UP Event by the 28th. Keep the boss and Santa Claus in the party dungeon to get a variety of items. You can meet the NPC 'Black Lake of the Year-end', which resides in major village areas in the world, and receive the necessary buffs.

NC (NC) unveiled the video content 'Also 2 On-Air: One View' in two parts. If you enter all the coupons released in the video, ▲ [Advanced ~ Legend] 30 Soul Summon (11 times) ▲ [Advanced ~ Legend] Storm Summoning (11 times) ▲ [Hero] One Soul Selection Box in the Storm ▲ [Jin] You can receive one brilliant speech choice box. The video can be found on the official YouTube channel.

For more information, please visit the official website of Also 2.