Free Christmas Fortnite Gifts: How To Get Unlimited Units, Skins And More

The Christmas holiday festivities arrived at Fortnite. Battle Royale from Epic Games. The newest Patch, 23.10, ought with it a portion of new features related to the commemorative date. The holiday event is one of the most anticipated by the community-specially for players who are fans of the Christmas spirit and like free cosmetics. Until January 2, 2023, after New Year's Eve, Battle Royale players will have access to winter gifts for two whole weeks. In total, there will be 17 free items to be unlocked through package unwrapping.

How to get to the cozy cottage?

To go to the cozy cottage and open your daily gifts, follow the steps described below: Click the snowflake at the top of the screen in the main menu, next to the button that directs to the battle pass; Press the positioned button in the right corner of the landscape; Once this is done, you are already in the cozy cottage. Finally, all you need to do is select the gifts from the left or right stack and enjoy the Christmas magic of Fortnite.

What's in each gift?

Like every year, the pairing of each gift is fixed. That is, each gift package contains a well-defined cosmetic object, regardless of the moment you reach the cottage. You will find, what each package contains as a gift and what items are available. Thus, you will be able to select the order of items you want to unlock in advance while moving at the event. The person responsible for one of the first images unraveling the internal content of each 2022 Christmas gift was the MLL content creator. If you are looking for a particular item, just select the package corresponding to the desired gift.


If you lose a gift opening day, you can return at any time before the end of the event, which ends on January 3 to open them.

However, as in previous years, some of the most generous items-in this case, the two exclusive skins-can not be opened among the first gifts.