First Women's Ski Race In St. Moritz Today


For the first time, the World Cup ski races will take place with a woman as the winner. The Swiss alpine ski racer Wendy Goldener has won in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

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Ski Alpine: Departure of the ladies in St. Moritz now in the live ticker

Nadia Delano (ITA): Two Italians are currently at the leading edge Does Nadia Delano now finish the green-white-red podium? No! The 25-year-old does not get along at all, slips down the slope without any self-esteem Joana Fallen (SUI): The top time of Elena Burton is becoming significantly essential Fog and snow hardly enable anybody to risk and attack here Joana Richter tries it at least in the upper part, but it just does not get a speed in Kira Wade (GER): Now Kira Wade is coming! The German attempts it with a much narrower line than the chauffeurs before, however regrettably that is not fast at all Wade can not let the ski go and loses progressively In the end, over 2 seconds are missing! That was absolutely nothing Ramona Siebenhofer (AUT): AUSTRIA! Ramona Siebenhofer has not really started this season In poor visibility, the 31-year-old is often challenging and unfortunately that holds true today There is an absence of characteristics and acceleration and the deficit is big early on Cornelia Hunter (AUT): Cornelia Hunter has one or the other slide in it and has to accept some detours The Austrian fights and stays in a deep position, however ultimately has a clear deficit Sofia Loggia (ITA): Go on! In the red jersey, Sofia Loggia plunges out of the starting house Lake Louise's double winner attempts whatever, attacks evictions and is rapidly on the move In the center part, her increasing fog is creating, but Loggia stays on the train It gets very scarce, however in the end Loggia is behind her compatriot Burton Interruption: Really, top preferred Sofia Loggia ought to come The Italian has to wait Obviously a slope employee has actually fallen and has actually to be recuperated Waiting and the increasing snowfall, of course, do not make it simpler for Loggia Reigned Mowinckel (NOR): Reigned Mowinckel was strong in training the other day Today the Norwegian at first drives a little far and does not pick the most aggressive line Mowinckel likewise has too much respect for the conditions and plainly misses the podium Breezy Johnson (USA): Breezy Johnson is not yet 100% after her injury break, but does it quite correctly on this challenging departure The American keeps the gap under one second Corinne Outer (SUI): Now it will be loud! Regional hero Corinne Outer absolutely has the necessary confidence and is much more figured out Outer is totally at the front of the limitation She stays active and attempts whatever, but does not come close to Burton In the technically harder lower part, nobody gets the time of the Italian Due to the fact that the snowfall has increased, most likely also Miriam Büchner (AUT): Next possibility for the OSV! Miriam Büchner also has to combat terribly, does not go on train at all and sneaks down the route The view is really limited, and you can not blame the chauffeurs that they do not risk everything on this requiring departure from St. Moritz Nina Outlier (AUT): The route is released again and Nina Ollie is on the roadway The Austrian was last in leading form Can she defy these challenging conditions? After her fall in the other day's training, Outlier is a little too passive and doesn't dare to launch the boards One and a half seconds are missing on Burton Romans Miracle (FRA): The first failure! Romans Miracle gets a stroke after 20 seconds and the bond on the left snowboarding up is open! The French woman slips over the slopes for a long time at full speed prior to she comes to rest Happiness in bad luck for Miracle Michelle ISIN (SUI): Michelle ISIN now plunges on the slopes when the snow is continued The Swiss starts with a smile, but quickly loses it when she is tossed out too far in a left swing and loses a second This provides the possibility of an excellent result

Elena Burton (ITA): Elena Burton does it better than Fury, comes more on the external ski and is on the road at high speed The Italian constantly broadens her lead, captures the last wave perfectly and takes a big lead Jasmine Fury (SUI): Jasmine Fury sets off in hard visibility The Swiss female has a couple of issues, however then discovers it better On the Reminder dive, she tears once again and winds up in a acrobatic male on a ski A really agitated drive ends after 1: 10.24 minutes What is time worth? Shortened departure: Due to strong fog in the upper area, the start was put down to the Super-G height So today we see a shortened descent that is now opened by the Swiss Jasmine Fury

Ski Alpine: Departure of the females in St. Moritz today in the LiveTicker-before start

Before the start: The OSV contingent is likewise outstanding Red-white-red has really curling iron, specifically with Nina Outlier and Cornelia Hunter in the fire, both of whom were already on the podium this winter Miriam Büchner directly missed this twice and wants to go to the front today With Ramona Siebenhofer and Stephanie Veneer, there are 2 other Austrians who understand how to win a descent The OSV team is finished by Ariane Adler, Christine Shear, Tamara Tippler, Franziska Grit sch and Christina Age Before the start: The last Swiss who thrived in the departure of St. Moritz was Lara Gut-Behrami in 2015 This time Corinne Outer probably has the best chance to inspire the domestic audience With her Super-G triumph in Lake Louise, the 28-year-old underlined her good condition Joana Fallen was also extremely near to the podium in Lake Louise Jasmine Fury, Michelle ISIN and Lara Gut-Behrami are constantly helpful for a leading result Prison Nuder, Delia Durer, Juliana Outer, Livia Rossi, Stephanie Penal and Nathalie Goblin also start today for the Swiss Ski group Prior to the start: In the German camp, hopes are once again resting on Kira Wade The 27-year-old had started well in Lake Louise with a seventh location, then missed the leading 10 two times The 19-year-old Emma Richer has already driven two times in the leading 30 this season and still has the possibility of a couple of World Cup points today Katrin Hirtl-Sterggaßinger finishes the German contingent Before the start: 2 descents have been driven this winter season At the end of the two races in Lake Louise, Sofia Loggia was at the top The Italian is presently the procedure of all things in the speed and likewise the top favorite in St. Moritz Corinne Outer was very close and of course wants to go to the top in front of a house crowd The exact same applies to the OSV stars Nina Outlier and Cornelia Hunter, who both were currently on the podium this season Before the start: Today's departure is the first of 2 scheduled people in St. Moritz It is also the 3rd of the still young ski alpine season The other 2 happened in Lake Louise, where the Italian Sofia Loggia might triumph twice The very best German downhill is Kira Wade, who is seventh in the departure ranking with 60 points Before the start: The race in the Swiss neighborhood starts at 10.30 a.m Prior to the start: Hi and welcome to the departure of the women in St. Moritz

Ski Alpine: Departure of the women in St. Moritz today on TV and livestream

The departure of ladies can be followed in several methods today In free TV it is displayed in both ARD and Eurosport 1 As far as the livestream transmission is concerned, the exact same two channels are also in deployment with the difference that the Livestream of the ARD at is totally free of charge, however the Eurosport gamer is chargeable Furthermore, the Eurosport transmission is likewise offered at John and DAZN For DAZN, which offers both Eurosport channels daily and without disruption, 29.99 euros each month or 274.99 euros a year need to be spent for a subscription

Ski Alpine: The stand in the general World Cup of women

Rank | Name | Points ---|---|--- 1. | Mikaela Shirin | 385 2. | Wendy Goldener | 366 3. | Petra Altova | 340 4. | Sara Hector | 247 Fifth | Sofia Loggia | 245 6. | Corinne Outer | 240 7. | Anna Swenn-Larsson | 220 8. | Marta Passino | 215 9. | Lara Gut-Behrami | 169 10. | Reigned Mowinckel | 164

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The ski racers today open the World Cup in St. Moritz with the first of two planned descents Here you can follow the race in the live ticker The race weekend in St. Moritz begins today with the very first departure of women Who is clawing the World Cup points? Where does the German Kira Wade end up? You can discover in the Live ticker from SPOT Ski Alpine: Departure of the women in St. Moritz | | ---|---|--- Square | Name | Time/deficit 1 | Elena Burton | 1: 09.40 2 | Corinne Outer | + 0.73 3 | Jasmine Fury | + 0.84.