Dual Universe Update 1.2 Adds Talemai Planet, New Ore Pools, Market Changes, and More

As we move into the next phase of our Early Access development, today's update brings new content and features to the world of Dual Universe.

Head over to Double Cosmos for the full notes and details on the new planet as well as balance tweaks.

Update 1.2.0 for Dual Universe has arrived, and also it brings a number of new features, consisting of a new tactical map feature, a brand name brand-new earth, or instead, an overhauled 1. Alemán returns, this time around as a frozen globe that is fitted with old lava circulations. Expect a new spawn system for asteroids, 2 brand-new unusual cores, a collection of balance adjustments, and a round of solutions.

The update also changes the spawn system for planets, ending the worldwide cycle as well as providing each planet its very own spawn and also specific lifetime. Various other changes include making asteroid discoveries known just to those making the exploration.

The upgrade likewise adds a new function, a tactical map, that will appear for artilleryman seat and also widget radar. This uses the system map visual technology, and in conjunction with what you select up by means of your energetic radar, will certainly give a tactical display screen of bordering constructs.


It will certainly be, though, because the earth has 6 new markets, a new goal construct, and 3 moons packed with sources.

Another feature is that area accidents are likewise now transmitted on the system map. You'll need a radar to really discover the specific position, however approximate works with for room accidents will certainly currently show up on the system map, giving a running start that there's something out there to be obtained.

Update 1.2.0 for Dual World has shown up, and also it brings a number of new features, including a new tactical map feature, a brand-new earth, or rather, a spruced up 1. Anticipate a brand-new spawn system for asteroids, two brand-new unusual cores, a collection of equilibrium adjustments, and also a round of fixes.

The world of Alemán is below, as well as points are a little different. With its return, It's now what Nova quark is calling an icy world ruined with ancient lava streams that still radiance red with warm from the world beneath. Seems like an inviting location. It will certainly be, though, given that the planet has 6 new markets, a new goal construct, as well as three moons packed with resources. These sources consist of coal, quarts, malachite, cryolite, as well as also gold nuggets, representing new ore swimming pools.