Baldur's Gate 3 Illuminates Our End Of The Year With Patch 9, And A New Class-The Paladin

A new class: the paladin

It was asked for by gamers almost since the start of early access, here is finally that the paladin appears in the list of playable classes of the video game. 2 subclasses are connected to him: Commitment Oath True to Ideal of the knight in armor, the Paladins show honor and virtue in order to protect the weakest and safeguard the typical good. Sacred reprisals: players can contact their oath to grant a cruel aura to an ally inflicting 1D4 of glowing damage to anybody with a melee attack.


  • Oath of the Ancients
  • The paladins who take this path battle on the side of the light in Eternally battle of great against darkness, swearing to maintain the spiritual character of the life and the beauty of nature.
  • Recovering radiation: players can contact their oath so that nature heals their close-by allies. Little feature of the class, it will also have a secret subclass (more so abrupt):.
  • Perjury.
  • Paladins who break their spiritual oaths become perjury, a path that brings disadvantages and benefits.
  • Players can benefit from their new powers to do great as evil or sewage on the course of redemption.

hey there level 3 spells.

Another addition that will please gamers, the maximum level of this early access has actually been increased to reach level 5. This will admit to level 3 spells to all the classes worried. In total, in between the spells of the paladin and this new level, it is no less than fifty brand-new spells that appear in the video game. Amongst these brand-new spells, let us explain the flight spell that can be used throughout a fight, But not only. Gamers can thus deploy their wings and fly to treasures otherwise out of reach or withdraw to a safe location, far from their opponents.

Minsk offers voice.

In addition to major additions to the content of the video game, Marian revealed during the panel from Hell that the role of Minsk in Blurs Gate 3 will be translated by the star and MJ Matt Mercer by Vital Function.