The game play of World War II shooter BEACH INVASION 1944. Protect the Gulf Defense Battle using historically faithful weapons

On November 11, Indie Beloved's AIX2 Games released a game play trailer for the first-person viewer beach invision 1944 . The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and according to the Steam store page, the game will be compatible with japanese. The official release is scheduled for December 3rd.

D-Day beach invision 1944 is a first-person viewer set on a coastal front during World War II. The player is a soldier of the Axis army, and the purpose is to protect the coastal defensive line in the western European, also known as the Atlantic Wall, using weapons used in World War II in the game. 。 In this work, which seems to be based on the Normandy landing operation, many weapons used during World War II appeared. You can also check the MG08 heavy machine guns used since World War I, multifunctional gloss fuses MG42 machine guns, FLAK88 for anti-aircraft and anti-tanks, and turrets made in torch. It seems that you need to change your weapon according to enemy tactics and squadrons.

The enemy unit that appears in this work seems to be a parachute descent operation as a way to move, and a landing operation using boat, jeep, tank, and armored vehicles. There are also attacks by air fighters and bombers. It is necessary to protect the defense line while responding to the threat of the enemy, from the sky, the earth, and from the sea. In addition, there is a system like the medal in this work. It seems that the player can acquire a specific action while maintaining the front line.

beach invision 1944 also has the concept of weapon upgrade. Players seem to be able to gradually upgrade their weapons, giving their achievements in battle. Poisonous gas, armor penetration, explosions, incendiary bombs, etc. In order to get rid of the enemy, you will be able to upgrade outrageous combat means. In addition to the player's own weapons, there are air support. It seems that the front line can be maintained by intercepting air support.

In this work, there is also a concept of day and night and weather. The published trailer allows you to check the night battle. The player finds an enemy from the darkness of the night and intercepts. It is likely that you will need a fighting method that illuminates aircraft with searchlights and shoots down with heavy machine guns.

Aix2 Games, a developer who produces beach invision 1944, was established by Anil Sailor and Alter Islet. They were involved in Mafia: Definitive Edition. In this work, I would like to expect combat action during World War II, which was faithfully reproduced by real sound and special effects.

beach invision 1944 will be released on PC (Steam) on December 3rd. If you want to be in the war, defeat the enemy unit with FLAK88, and defeat the enemy who escapes from the burning tank with MG, and feel like a glorious soldier, please purchase this work in a wish list. I want you to consider.