Gran Turismo: The movie to Geri Halliwell of Spice Girls and confirms its great ct

Do The film Gran Tourism , bed on the famous video game saga PlayStation and Polyphony Digital , adding great names to an increingly promising ct. Thus, the production of Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions directed by the filmmaker Neill Blowlamp (District 9, Elysium) h confirmed both the former Spice Girls Germ Halliwell-Horner the actor Simon Honshu (Guardians of the Galaxy, Aquaman), in addition to other names such Daniel Poor , Josh StradoWski or Thom Freshman , which does They add to a ct led by David Harbor (Stranger Things), Archie Macaque (Midsummer), Orlando Bloom (The Lord of the Rings) and Darren Barnett (American Pie Present: Girls' Rules), details The Hollywood Reporter.

Gran Tourism takes speed in cinema

Thus, Germ Halliwell-Horner will play the mother of the protagonist of the film, played by Archie Macaque , a video game fan who pires to become a professional pilot. For his part, Simon Honshu will play the father of the young protagonist . Recall that the film is bed on the real history of Gran Tourism players who have managed to become professional pilots after competing in the different editions of the Polyphony Digital video game, being the Spanish Luc Cordoned the first of them and maximum source of inspiration of this film adaptation.

The actor David Harbor , meanwhile, will be a retired pilot who will teach the young promise to drive quickly possible. Recall that Germ Halliwell-Horner h already participated in other productions such Crank: High Voltage and other films and series; In addition, she is no stranger to the motor world, since her husband is the head of the Red Bull team of Formula 1, Christian Horner .

The script is carried out by Jon Hall (American sniper) and Zach Kaylin (King Richard). Sad Qizilbh, Carter Swan, Doug Belgrade and Dana Brunette are producing the film, while the creator of the game Samundri Yamaguchi and Jon Hall are executive producers.

Gran Tourism: The film plans its premiere in cinem on August 11, 2023 .