Ben Simmons talk about playing against Philadelphia Sixers after his disgraceful exit from group Youre not cool with everyone

This problem triggered a rift that caused Simmons eventually getting traded last season to the Internet in February. Tuesday night was the first time that Simmons took the court in a routine season video game versus his old team. Simmons was asked about Embed before the game.

The Philadelphia 76ers started something a few years ago which ended up being called The Process. The team did not do well for a few years in hopes of netting high draft chooses that it could then develop into a winning team. Two of the players the team gotten throughout that time period where point player Ben Simmons and center Joel Embed.


Both gamers had injury concerns that held up the starts of their careers. Simmons missed his very first season after being drafted first in 2016, and Embed, the No. 3 pick in 2014, missed his first 2 seasons. They proved to be a formidable combination once both were healthy. By the 2017-18 season, the Mixers had actually won 52 games and made the playoffs.

The issues are beginning to manifest as the team can't get over the bulge. The Mixers have actually been to the playoffs the last five seasons and never ever surpassed the Eastern Conference semifinals. One glaring concern that turned up was Simmons' shooting and/or not taking shots and being aggressive on the offending end.

Simmons didn't have anything negative to state about Embed. The star center is injured and did not bet the Nets, so the 2 didn't get an opportunity to take on court, however they will constantly be linked due to their time together in Philly.

The Mixers' hard road ahead

The issues are starting to manifest as the group cant get over the bulge. Tuesday night was the very first time that Simmons took the court in a regular season video game against his old group.

The Mixers will be without Embed for a minimum of two games. Malay is set to be out from three to 4 weeks. Harden was anticipated to be out for a month, which must have him back around early December.

The group did not do well for a few years in hopes of netting high draft selects that it might then turn into a winning group. Two of the gamers the team obtained throughout that time duration where point guard Ben Simmons and center Joel Embed.

Simmons did not take to the court on Tuesday night versus Embed due to the centers' injury. Without its 3 best players, they discovered a way to conquer and beat the Nets 115-106 at home.