It is on Steam, a Korean presidential fighting 'Korean political duel 2nd'

South 'Korean political duel', which was released on mobile in 2018, attracted attention as a satirical element that fought in practice by characterizing domestic politicians at the time. The sequel to the game is released on Steam.

'Korean Political Fighting: 2nd', which registered the Steam Play Test on the 8th, consists of full 3D graphics, unlike its predecessor. In the case of the previous work, the opposition politicians were all out of 2018, but this work is likely to appear in the era of Korean politicians in Korea, unlike the first episode.

The developer said, This game is not made for political purposes, and all the stories of politicians in the work are fiction. However, considering that the development mission is the Yafeelsogood Games, it is a phrase that contains the mocking meaning of a particular politician when translated.

Steam Page said of the background of the game, The people who refused to participate in political participation were eventually dominated by inferior people, and the role of politicians in the ruined world disappeared. The only way to implement their opinions is fighting. He introduced himself to participate in the biggest political battle in Korea.

The screenshot, which was released with the opening of the Steam page, depicts the fighting between Chen Doorway and Moon Jae-in. Two politicians fighting using various technologies such as kicks and punches are depicted in 3D, and health gauge and technology gauge are shown. Although the details of the war are not yet disclosed, this work is expected to participate in this work, considering not only domestic politicians but also Kim Jong-un in the previous work.

Korean political duel: 2nd plans to launch Steam on May 23, 2023. In addition, the minimum and recommended specifications are labeled as 'moles'. I am currently receiving test applications through the Steam page.