Prepare the medicine and treat it! Pharmacist RPG Potion Permit Release -You can enjoy rural life, such as fishing and talking at a bar.

Publisher PUB released RPG Potion Permit and released the trailer.

This work is an RPG featuring casual graphics. The player is an excellent pharmacist and treats people's illness with potions that combine various materials in a caulk. The material can be obtained by defeating monsters in the field.

The protagonist of such a pharmacist is dispatched to Moon berry, a city that does not bring out a stranger, with a faithful dog, and treats the people of the city and the daughters of the mayor. There are about 30 residents in the city, and as they continue to treat them, they will gradually open their hearts. Also, it seems that a specific character can be very intimate.

In a peaceful country town in a natural country town, you can enjoy fishing as well as treatment, and can enjoy the countryside by talking to people who have become friends at the bar. There is no time limit on the goals in the game, so you can enjoy this work freely.

Potion Permit is on sale on PC (Steam)/overseas PS5/PS4/overseas Xbox Series | S/Overseas Nintendo Switch. In addition, Japanese public PHOENIX will also provide Japanese support.