Edengate: The Edge of Life: narrative adventure appears in October

The principle as well as development of Eden gate: The Edge of Life arose throughout the most challenging months of pandemic and is a depiction of worry, isolation and also uncertainty regarding the future that the team felt during this time around. They wish to communicate these sensations through the psychological story as well as the pc gaming experience of Eden gate.

The lately started indie tag Hook of the global computer game authors Digital Bros announced ELONGATE: The Side of Life, an internally established, dark narrative journey that will show up in October 2022 for PC through Vapor, PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One.

About Eden gate: The Side of Life

Accompanies Mia on her emotional trip looking for traces of life as well as the dreadful occasions that have actually struck the as soon as pulsating city. A blend of expedition, examination, challenge service and practical decision-making will certainly lead you to a psychological journey as well as expose the occasions that lead to Mia's awakening.


Eden gate: The Edge of Life will certainly be released in October 2022 for Computer using Heavy Steam, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One at a rate of 6.99 EUR.

ELONGATE: The Edge of Life comes from the prize-winning author Matthew Meiji Burns, the director/author of the objection celebrated by the criticism with an immediate soundtrack, composed by Lassa Oneida, the composer of the well-known collection Manifold Garden.

Mia, an encouraging and young biologist, awakens in an abandoned healthcare facility without remembering exactly how she got there. Without additional traces of life, Mia tries to incorporate the occasions they brought into the medical facility and also to expose the key of the now abandoned city of Eden gate.