GTA 5 Online: Two dealers open their doors, these are the new cars they offer

Whoever says new update in the online mode of Grand Theft Auto 5 necessarily says new vehicles, and like any great update now, Rockstar Games is launching its different cars throughout the weeks.

If during the publication of the Enterprises criminal update we were entitled to 6 cars, this week of August 4 we benefit not only of several new vehicles but also and above all of the opening of two new car dealerships: Premium Deluxe Motorsport and Luxury cars .

GTA Online welcomes Premium Deluxe Motorsport and Luxury Cars

GTA Yes, now every week you will have the opportunity to inspect and buy two vehicles through the Luxuris Autos Unfortunately, you can't enter the building, but you can inspect the vehicles that interest it. On the other hand, in addition to this new luxury boutique, we now have Simeon's, and yes, the manager has finally repaired the window broken by Franklin and Michael, it was time!

The Premium Deluxe Motorsport allows you to try several vehicles and of course also buy them and, unlike the Luxuris Autos, this time you can enter the building.

Thus, this week, Luxuris Cars allows you to review and/or buy Tourism R and the OMNIS E-GT . As for the Simeon store, it offers 5 vehicles to try and/or buy: The Dubsta 2, El Picador, El Hermès, the Gauntlet Hellfire and the Penumbra FF .

GTA bonuses and RP of the week

In addition to these new features, GTA Online has also changed its bonuses! For this new week, you can triple your rewards through the adversary Beacons Under Eyes (Remix) mode.

Thanks to the Enterprises criminal update, if you are in charge of a bunker (arms trafficking), you should know that the replenishment missions allow you to fill your raw materials twice. And in regards to the investigation, he has an impulse that allows his team to go much faster.

vehicle award of the week

As part of the update of the Santos Tuners, there is a new vehicle available for the members of ls auto, this time with the Adder truffade. To do this, you must finish among the top 3 of a Pursuit Trials race for 3 consecutive days.

Podium and promotions of the week

A new car is at stake at the Diamond Casino Resort and is the Enus Stafford. To win it, Try your luck by turning the Wheel of Fortune , but be careful, you just have one attempt per day.

These are the promotions of the week:

  • 40% discount on the Peassi bullfighter
  • 40% discount on Lampadati Novak
  • 40% discount on Albany Hermès
  • 40% discount at the Mobile Operations Center
  • 35% discount on Lampadati VIERIS
  • 35% discount on Ocelot XA-21
  • 35% discount on penumbra ff maibatsu
  • 35% in Semioruga
  • 35% discount on the Tampa Army