FIFA 23 will add female referees and highlight their effort to make us feel on a football day

EA Sports is that it does not stop the FIFA 23 contents machinery. After revealing the gameplay and the details of the career mode, they now teach us everything related to what they have baptized as Party Day Experience **. Or what becomes the same, everything that will accompany the atmosphere of the game to help have the closest thing to a television broadcast, or to live it as if we were in the stands.

To do this, as usual, EA has published an illustrative video in which they teach all the details, but we also break them down, for which it is clear that you will see when the game starts. Now, some more cinematic and much more atmosphere in the stands ** When the ball is shot, they present themselves as the identity signs of the American company game.

Today is Party Day

To make everything clearer and explanatory, we will segment the news that FIFA 23 will offer in these experiences of day , which will go from more movement among the public to more verticality when living in experience.

Improvements in repetitions

Technology Hypermotion2 will help add augmented reality in repetitions. Thus, we can see a new layer of details, such as the power of the shots, the distance from the goal and more.

Hypermotion2 improves what was seen last year with the aim of offering a more realistic experience, they have captured twice the movements with respect to last year **, which leads to animations and movements, and thus FIFA 23 wants to be more realistic never.

more scenes for a real flavor

There will be scenes called high energy inside and outside the stadium. This kinematic environment wants to help us feel what would be living a game day . There will also be new sequences to generate expectation, especially on important days, increasing the environment and drama the more there is at stake.

In addition, we will have new shallow field cameras contribute a new layer of visual quality to FIFA 23 , which fits the style of football broadcasts to approach the action.


The elements of the field, in perfect condition

EA Sports is boasting the technical improvements in the game and highlights a huge improvement at the visual level so that we can see the field better than ever. The land will be wearing more depth and detail when the players make or celebrate the goals , watching the brand in the green.

It has also worked on Design networks in three dimensions , something that we will notice with more realism when they undertake after scoring somewhat.

These improvements will also be reflected in the protagonists on the playing field. For the first time, Women arbitrators will be included to continue with the diversity provided by women's football , included in conditions in this delivery with two new leagues. Graphics for coaches have also been improved.

Environmental power

The new details of the public make the stadiums look more alive, with more variety of followers, new types of clothing and much more . Not only in the visual, but also in the sound, with new sound effects after the goal, which include sirens, buzzs, animal noises and much more

And If you do not like FIFA 23 comments, the game will now give you the option to listen to the soundtrack of the game instead of the narrative.