Dune AWAKENING - Exit date, trailer, beta

Dune: AWAKENING-a completely new game in the Dune universe. Players will be able to explore the planet Arrakis and all those who fight for her spices in a new way. This may make you think about the Dune release date: AWAKENING, platforms, beta versions and much more.

everything we know about Dune AWAKENING

Dune: Awakening is MMO to survive from the developer Funcom, the creator of Conan Exiles. The team brings its knowledge and abilities in dune the world and gives players a completely new way to get acquainted with Arrakis. That's all we know about Dune: Awakening.

What is the release date of Dune Awakening?

Dune: Awakening not at the moment have a release date so far. It was first discovered during the opening of Gamescom in August 2022. Follow the official dune: Awakening Twitter to receive additional information and updates.

What platforms will Dune Awakening be on?

Dune: AWAKENING does not yet have a specific release date, but it was confirmed that the game will be released on several platforms. Here you can play Dune: AWAKENING.

  • PC
  • prefix 5
  • Xbox Series X | S

How to join the beta testing Dune Awakening

Dune: To join the beta version of Dune: AWAKENING, just go to the official Dune website: AWAKENING. Just click on register to participate in beta testing button and enter your email address. As soon as you do this, you will be signed for beta version.

Trailer Waking the Dun

Dune's debut trailer: Awakening was presented during the direct broadcast of Gamescom Opening Night in August 2022. You can see the trailer on the official Funcom channel on YouTube.

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