To the Touhou Secondary Creative Puzzle Murasa's block puzzle will be delivered on July 1st. A flounder puzzle that presses a block with different characteristics to slide

Doujin Circle DDBY announced on June 18 that the puzzle game Murasa's block puzzle will be distributed on July 1. The compatible platform is PC (DLsite), and the price is 880 yen (tax included).

Murasa's block puzzle is a puzzle game that is a secondary creative work of Touhou Project. The protagonist is Murasami honey. She collects fragments of Tobikura scattered all over the country, and visits the stars of the stars in this work. She needs to gather the key to get the fragments of Tobikura sleeping in the archeological site, and she challenges a puzzle that tests wisdom and flashes.

This work contains all 80 stages, capturing puzzles on each stage and acquiring the key. The puzzle of this work is a so-called warehouse number-style block puzzle. There are blocks and ice blocks in the stage, and can be pressed to move. Then move the ice block on the floor switch and open the door where the key is.

Once the ice block is pressed, it slips until it hits something. On the other hand, a normal block can only be pressed only for the number of numbers written on the top. Considering these characteristics, the ice block is guided to all floor switches. The basic idea is to create a wall with a block, catch the slipping ice block, and turn it over. Also, depending on the stage, a gimmick that fills the hole on the floor with a block will appear.

BLOCK Hikura fragments sleeping at the archeological site of stars can be obtained by collecting 48 or more keys. In this work, it is said that the strategy of 48 stages, which is usually cleared, is adjusted to the difficulty that can be played happily without hints. On the other hand, it seems that it is difficult to feel unsatisfactory, such as requiring a flash to capture all 80 stages that are completely clear.

Action Game Maker MV is used for the development of this work. It is said that dot paintings, BGMs, SE, CVs, etc. were all prepared originally with the aim of creating a world view. For the songs, a relaxing and relaxing song of Touhou Seiren Ship-Undefined Fantastic Object.

Murasa's block puzzle will be distributed on July 1 to PC (DLsite). The trial version is distributed in DLsite, so if you are interested, why not try it?