PS4/PS5 official announcement. Comrades gather again for reconstruction

Cue Games Co., Ltd. officially announced Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition on June 8. The compatible platform is PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5, which will be distributed in late 2022.

Tomorrow Children is a large-scale co-play game that has been developed by Cue Games and released in 2016 from SIE to PS4. The stage is the earth covered by a substance called a voice. Boyd is a solid and solidified person's body and consciousness, born by an experiment failure in an experiment to share the consciousness of all humanity. Players have developed an island born from the thoughts of people sinking in voice, based in a city built in various places to rebuild civilization. Collect resources, develop and operate the city. In this world, there is a giant beast Izberg created by the existence of voids, and it is also necessary to cooperate with the invasion to protect the city.

This work ended in November 2017, one year after launch, while acquiring some core fans. Later, the right of this work was owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). However, in November 2021, Cue Games announced that it had concluded a right transfer agreement and had overturned the rights from SIE. It has announced that it will start for the re-release of Tomorrow Children. And this time, the Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition, which is a regenerative version, has been announced.

In this work, the player explores more than 40 mysterious islands. Finding resources and finding treasures, building a town for human reconstruction in cooperation with online comrades. Changes from the original version include a variety of new elements, such as searching for new islands, improving the game introduction, and adding new and new play.

The biggest change is that you returned to the original game design to provide premium experiences. Based on feedback from the community, he has changed to a mechanism that does not depend on the central server while searching for a way to make Tomorrow Children can play. This work is said to be compatible with Piero Pier cooperation play in serverless. In addition, the elimination of the billing element has made it possible to adjust the exciting game balance.


During this announcement, Dylan, the director and founder of the Cue Games and founder, commented on this announcement. He talks about the title Tomorrowo Childrenphenix Edition. It seems that this name is the name worthy of a project over the years, I will revive this work again for fans who have been looking for a resurrection after the service is over.

Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition will be distributed for PS4/PS5 from late 2022.