NHN conducts 'energy use data sharing' campaign

NHN (CEO Woo-jin Jung) announced on the 29th that it will start an in-house campaign to share energy use data with employees.

NHN will disclose monthly energy-related data on the installed screen in the Pangyo Office Play Museum from the end of this month. By visualizing the energy consumption of the previous month, the usual usage of the last three years, and the average increase and decrease rate, NHN employees and visitors can intuitively grasp the energy use trends. Energy usage is calculated by converting gasoline spent in energy, district heating, city gas, diesel and business vehicles.


Through this campaign, NHN will be able to effectively share the energy use status in the department in charge. It also offers energy saving activities that can be easily practiced when working on the energy usage data screen using the in-house screen. Through this, the company plans to raise the awareness of employees of energy overtime and draw attention and participation in energy saving activities.

At the same time, NHN completed the environmental and energy management policy and goal for more systematic implementation of eco-friendly management. In the future, the company plans to establish and actively promote eco-friendly activities for each department in line with the management policy. Earlier, NHN formed an ESG meeting body and ESG TF in May and declared ESG management, including eco-friendly management. In addition, the company is preparing to establish an ESG environmental energy technology team under the CEO and to obtain various international certifications related to the environment.

Cho Jung-sook, director of NHN ESG TF, said, We are planning a campaign that utilizes screens installed throughout the office so that employees can easily access the energy use status in the working environment. We will share and prepare an in-house and external program that can participate in eco-friendly activities in everyday life.

NHN, meanwhile, is carrying out various eco-friendly activities where companies and employees participate as part of strengthening ESG management. Last year, the company introduced various eco-friendly and multi-purpose supplies to in-house business spaces and convenience facilities, and held a 'Good Use' campaign to collect and reuse unused business items. This year, the company replaced the in-house cafe paper cup and straw with eco-friendly products, and plans to introduce mobile business cards and business eco-friendly vehicles within the year.