How to get a talisman's favor Erdri +2 in Elden Ring

Erdri's favor +2 is a talisman for a late game that significantly increases health, endurance and loading in equipment. Old ring . Although you can equip only one of the options for the talisman at a time, the difference between the favor of Erdri +1 and the favor of Erdri +2 is worth going to Lindell, the ashen capital.

Advantages of the talisman of advanced Erdri +2

Equipping the talisman will give you the following:

  • +4% HP
  • +9.6% to endurance
  • +8% equipment

How to find Erdri's favor +2 in Elden Ring

After the victory over the Maliket, a black blade, in the Drowning Farum Azul you will want to get to Leyndell, the ash capital through the forbidden lands. If you have access to forbidden lands, the place of grace instead just quickly move there.

Move to the capital from the west using Grand Rolda Lift and get down the stairs. If you find that you are experiencing a strange feeling of deja vu, this is because it is exactly the place where all the enemies of Misbegotten used to be.


Be sure to avoid small ulcerated wood perfumes . There are three of them, and they guard the entire territory. Adhere to the walls and squat, if possible, when you move south, and you will be safe.

When you get to the southern end of the region covered with ash, you will see a corpse hanging from the root of the tree. Bright the corpse and enjoy new improved skills.

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