Battlefield 2042: Season 1 - All information

Developer Dice Season 1 for Battlefield 2042 has published over half a year after the release. In this guide you can find out:

  • What the Battle Pass has ready for you
  • What new vehicles, weapons and specialists there are
  • How the new map works
  • What is still planned

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This includes the Battle Pass

Battlefield 2042 now also has a Battle Pass. The 100 ranks wait with various rewards such as weapons, vehicles and cosmetic objects. You get Battle Pass points by doing weekly missions and collecting XP in matches.

As with other games, a distinction is made between free and Premium at the Battle Pass. The free variant offers 30 rewards. On the other hand, if you buy the Battle Pass for around 9 euros or the gold or. Ultimate Edition has over 70 more rewards, including the legendary Allsehing Eye skin and the Angel specialist set.

All innovations of Season 1 in Battlefield 2042

In addition to the Battle Pass, there are some other innovations in the game:

New card: Contact

In contact it is to the Canadian rockies. There a huge landslide released a secret facility of the Americans, which now needs to be conquered. The card is again designed for 128 players and, above all, goes very much into the vertical.

Some target points are on the mountain, others at the foot of the cliffs. In addition, various tunnel systems lead to the heart of the rubble and directly into the military facility mentioned. There you can expect battles in winding gears and in a confined space. Vehicles are useless here.

Outside, not only the enemy snipers make life difficult for you, but also various bombing out of the air. Above all, the new helicopters can be very dangerous for your squad. In contrast, only anti-air equipment helps.


new specialist: Ewelina Lis

A new specialist has also been added with season 1. The Ewelina Lis, born in Gdansk, is a vehicle defense expert of the Polish elite special unit Grom and brings an impressive weapon arsenal.

Equipped with the G-84 TGM you can fire steering projectile on opposing vehicles. You control the rocket for a certain period of time and maneuver it on your goal. Especially at various hotspots on which enemy helicopters are in, the special arming can be decisive. Because distracting bodies, on the other hand, do not help.

Your second special ability should not be underestimated either. As a tank hunter, Liz automatically locates enemy vehicles within a certain radius. In this way, enemy artillery can be quickly spotted and switched off.

new vehicles and weapons

Two new helicopters can be called in Battlefield 2042. The RAH-68 Huron and the YG-99 Hannibal are camouflage helicopters, which makes them insensitive to targeting with automatic steering bodies-but only over a short period of time. In addition to a machine gun, you have various rockets on arms on board.

For the infantry there is the crossbow Ghostmaker R10, that can be equipped with highly explosive explosive bodies, as well as the BSV-M-Scorchützen rifle. The latter is a mixture of storm and precision rifle with a single shot and permanent fire mode.

You will also receive a new gadget with the smoke grenade thrower . As the name suggests, you shoot a multiple charge of smoke bombs that cover the area. Ideal for a quick advance or to rob opposing tanks.

What plans developers Dice for the future?

Although some changes were made in Battlefield 2042 with Season 1, the multiplayer shooter still has a few construction sites. ** With the last big patch, some bugs have been fixed again, but one hundred percent round still does not run.

Among other things, the victory sayings of the specialists were removed at the end of a game. At least for the time being, because Dice plans to exchange these loose sentences with more serious offshoots. And yes, The specialists are preserved. The developer continues to stick to the concept, even if the team play weakens and some of the battlefield reminds of the clone wars.

This is particularly noticeable in some flag points, that become impregnable positions and thus to the central starting point for the complete battle stump. With some maps, DICE has already improved, but in the future the cards will receive larger revisions. In Kaleidoscope, for example, more objects are to be placed for cover and more protection from the air and the zones are to be expanded and shifted.

Finally, the number of players was screwed. The breakthrough mode is only available with 64 instead of 128 players. For conquest this is not planned. This makes sense because the maps are just too big.

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