What games will be included in Ubisoft Plus Classics for PlayStation Plus?

PS Plus Extra All Games - New PS Plus Benefit Ubisoft Plus Classics Ubisoft Plus, a popular subscription service for PC, Stadia and Amazon Luna finally enters the PlayStation. He offers hundreds of Ubisoft games at a fixed monthly price. Together with Ubisoft Plus, something called Ubisoft Plus Classics will be launched, which will be included in some PlayStation Plus levels later this year.

What is Ubisoft Plus Classics?

Ubisoft Plus Classics is a separate service from the current Ubisoft Plus. He will offer suitable players 27 popular Ubisoft games when launch, and by the end of 2022 this number will increase to 50. It will be launched along with the new PlayStation subscription level for June 13 . It will be launched complete with PlayStation Plus Extra or PlayStation Plus Premium subscription levels.

What games are included in Ubisoft Plus Classics?

On the first day, 27 Ubisoft games will be available, and by the end of the year 23 will appear. All games launched on the first day are presented below.

  • Credo of the murderer Valgall
  • For honor
  • Crew 2
  • Child of Light
  • The flight of the eagle
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
  • Remaster Far Cry 3
  • Farm region 4
  • Legendary fishing
  • Risk: City attack
  • South Park: broken, but whole
  • South Park: Pravda stick
  • Space addicts
  • Star Way: Brigade Mostika
  • Starlink: Battle for Atlas
  • Student
  • Team
  • The Department
  • Trekmania turbo
  • transfer
  • Merging tests
  • Blood dragon test game
  • Tests are growing
  • Valiant hearts: Great War
  • Watch dogs
  • Werewolves inside
  • Zombies

This is very profitable for those who do not mind spending a little more on the PlayStation Plus subscription. Games such as Assassins Creed: Valhalla, Far Cry 3 Remaster, Watch Dogs and South Park give players hundreds of hours of content, and all this, along with a large library of games included in the new PlayStation Plus subscription.

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