The Xbox Series X Fable game would be a MMO, but it's not fable 4

Playground Games »Fable is supposed to be a MMO game and not a direct monitoring of previous entries in the franchise.

Following the announcement of the title at the Xbox Games Showcase on July 23, a series of tweets from an Industry initiate suggested that the next fable game will be a MMO.

Cronotk, Twitter user, whose tweets have been published on the forums will reset following the last Xbox Series presentation of Microsoft, suggested that the iteration of Playground Games of Fable will be a kind of restart, and not Fable 4 As some fans had hoped, as the tweet above suggests.

After the event, the French journalist went to Twitter again to show a list of games that were to be broadcast, which served as proof of his credibility. Cronotk said he had obtained information from different people, although he explained that he was not sure of their reliability in a previous tweet.

We do not have an official confirmation of Microsoft or Playground Games about these allegations, it is therefore preferable to be cautious about this assertion. However, given the history of Cronotk before the show, there is every chance that he can tell the truth.

The next entry into the Fable The series was finally revealed by Microsoft after months of speculation. The game, which does not yet have a release date, should again take place in the world of Albion and will mark the first entry into the franchise since the release of Fable 3 in 2010.

FABLE 4 is NOT an MMO | Playground Games announce FABLE for Xbox Series X

Fable will be launched on Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass for PC.