The latest update distribution that adds "Action Switch" mode that can be played like the original "Actorizer Renaissance" The latest update distribution -GW sale at each store

Square Enix has launched the latest update of the 2D action RPG " Actorizer Renaissance " on May 2 and released the trailer.

This work is a remastered version of the original " Actorizer " released at SFC in 1990. After 31 years, it contains beautiful graphics and various additional elements. Players will become God and play two parts: a horizontal scrolling action and a creation that creates a city planning, with the aim of defeating the Demon King Satan, which is a world where monsters fluctuate on the ground.

In this latest update, " action switch " has been added to the option. If this mode is turned off, actions such as backstep, continuous strike, slashing, slashing, etc. will not be used , and you will be able to play with a closer feeling than the original.

In the creation and the invasion of the magic army, the appearance of the SP potion appears upward adjustment, partial reduction of the population required for events, and a function that can skip the clear "Magic invasion and attack" part after the ending. Is added. In addition, the production of the stage was changed, and the boss of Marana Act1, Rafflesia's battle difficulty, was also adjusted. In addition, it seems that there are plenty of updates, such as the addition of an angel's new outfit and can be changed.

The latest update of the remastered version of "Act Traser Renaissance" is being distributed to PS4/Nintendo Switch/iOS/Androido from May 2. Only the Steam version will be reflected from May 3rd.

In addition, "Golden Week Sales" is being held where you can purchase this work at each store being distributed at a sale price. It is on sale for 30%off until May 11, 2,464 yen for Steam/PS4/Nintendo Switch for 30%off until May 11, and 1,720 yen until May 8 for iOS/Andoroid. 。