MMORPG "Blade and Soul" latest update distribution. I asked the producer about the 3rd Awakening series and the new ancient dungeon, and the background

On May 18, the MMORPG "Blade and Soul", operated by Ncyy Japan, distributed an update called "The Third Awakening Swordsman". In this update, a new Awakening series "Flame Emperor" by the Kagenjin and the new ancient dungeon "Soul Ring Motoyama" have been added.

In the third Awakening series, which is added to the rigid swordsman, as the name suggests, it will be able to do very powerful damage by bringing the power of the flame to the large sword. The basic way of fighting is to focus on the conventional rigid swordsman who can get resistance and focus on that range. On the other hand, "Flame Emperor" can use a dedicated buff to get the same effect as the team while moving. It is an awakening series that has the potential to fight a new style, which is not found in the past.

The newly added ancient dungeon "Soul Ring Motoyama" features a soul school, which is a gateway to the character "Tone Julia" that appeared in the past. In this dungeon, the gatekeeper is waiting for the hero in total. It is the same method as the existing ancient dungeon, and this time it is composed of 20 levels of difficulty. It is a specification that a wide range of people can challenge, from beginners to players who have been playing for a long time.

One of the attractions is that you can aim for the finest equipment such as "heavenly bracelet" and "heavenly waist roll" due to low difficulty levels. Like the ancient dungeons that have been implemented so far, it is worth trying. I would like to capture while utilizing the third Awakening series of the rigid swordsman implemented at the same time.

A limited -time event is being held to commemorate the implementation of the Tsuyoshi Swordsman's 3rd Awakening series "Flame Emperor". During the period, you can purchase "Flame Emperor Implementation Commemorative Present" at the Kaimo Shop, and once a day per account. The gifts include the "quick challenge amula" that can raise the level of the righteous group, and the "moon stone crystal" that can be used for various items evolution.

In addition, additional gifts are also available according to the number of times you purchased the "Flame Implementation Commemorative Present", and by purchasing 10 times, you can get a set of "fighting gods" and "beliefs" for the theme costumes from the beginning of the truck swordsman. 。 The holding period is before the start of maintenance on May 25. Don't forget to buy it every day, and take this opportunity.

Regarding this update, a mini -interloaded show at FS Grauka, "Blade and Seoul", Hiromasa Yamamoto. We have a summary of the update, so we will deliver the contents.

―― Please tell us the advantages and disadvantages of the “Flame Emperor”, which is a new rigid swordsman awakening series.

Mr. Yamamoto: There are two benefits of "Flame Emperor", and the first is that the damage given to the existing series has increased. By using a specific war, you can make a debuff called "melting". By accumulating "melting" debuffs, you can increase damage to up to 6%.

The second is that you can fight while moving around freely. In the existing series, the "Senkoganjin" has a team that will be able to resist the abnormal condition, and it was the Theory to fight in that, but in "Flame Emperor", the "Senkogan" cannot be used. Instead, while using a "flame" buff that can be obtained by certain martial arts, you can resist the state abnormally while using the "fast -click" that can be used by right -click. As a result, you can freely fight without being tied to the place.

The disadvantage is that the degree of freedom in the battle has increased, so it is not a series that can easily resist the state abnormalities compared to the existing series, so it is difficult to handle unless you are used to the character operation to some extent. If you have just started the game, you should play with the existing series and then challenge the "Flame Emperor".

――Please tell us about the aspects and situations where you can use the existing series.

Mr. Yamamoto: If you have been playing with a rigid swordsman, we recommend that you play with "Flame Emperor" for the time being. I think you can feel the strength of the firepower than the existing series. In the last year's update, the item performance that was classified for each affiliate has been unified, and you can easily change the affiliate, so please touch it. On top of that, if you like the way of fighting by the Senkoganjin, you may have the choice of returning the affiliate.

As for the use with other series, the conventional "Senken" series has many long -lasting martial arts, so "Senken" may be more suitable for PVP content where battles and other battles are divided into wins and losses.

―― Please tell us about the motif and characteristics of the new ancient dungeon “Soul Ring Motoyama”.

Mr. Yamamoto: The new ancient dungeon "Soul Ring Motoyama" is the Motoyama of the Soul Grand school, and the first lord, Chirin, who is good at manipulating time, notices his power and sealed himself in eternal time. It is a place. When the map is moving, the decayed building is restored as if it was returned as soon as possible, and the boss used by the boss is an effect like a clock needle, and there are many mechanisms that make time conscious. Can be seen.

Also, if you visit at a number of mausoleums on the way, you will have an attack buff, a dragon vein (warp point) to the back of the dungeon, and a random effect will occur, so you will not get bored no matter how many times you go. I am.

―― Please tell me how much the difficulty of the dungeon will be at the top stage.

Mr. Yamamoto: It will be as well -balanced as the dungeon "Hall of the Exam" and "Mausoleum of Tradition", which adopted the existing magic recording ranking. Although these dungeons are divided into 20 levels of difficulty, there is no party that has reached 20 stages of the highest difficulty in Japanese service, so we will examine whether it is necessary to adjust the player's trends. I'm here.

―― Please tell us how much the performance of the highest -class equipment, “Tenkyu Bang Ring” and “Tenkyu waist roll”, are the rewards.

Mr. Yamamoto: Until now, "Wolf Braces" and "Tenni Kumakuro" had the highest performance, but "heavenly bracelets" and "heavenly waist rolls" have higher performance. In addition to the performance of the outfit itself, the heavenly costume can be further enhanced because there is a "meteorite" slot that can give status. You can aim for a top -hand outfit from the low difficulty level of "Soul Ring Motoyama", so if you are just starting or played for a long time, please try it.

Blade and Soul New Empires Patch note Analysis

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"Blade and Soul" is being distributed for free for PCs. The update "The Third Awakening Flame Emperor" is being distributed on May 18.

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