Halo Infinite: Classic multiplayer

The creative director of Halo Infinite, Joseph Staten, has had a leak in an interview that it can be possible that Halo Infinite will soon be equipped with classic multiplayer maps.

The most popular multiplayer cards of the fans are said to have been taken into account and in 343 industries.

Halo Infinite in 2019 LEAKED, Joe Staten Hinting Classic Maps Returning, New Infinite Content Coming

When asked by Parris Lilly, why 343 did not add classic cards as a "buffer" between new content, State replies: _ "This is a good idea, Parris" and said:

“There are a lot of cards that are great. I think it would be great to play on these cards again, don't you think? That sounds like a funny thing... I will note that in my notebook. "

Although this is of course not an official announcement and a significant confirmation also sounds different, Halo Infinite fans can hope that maybe one or the other card from the predecessors can soon be found in Halo Infinite.

What do you all mean? Should 343 Industries put on old classics and which map from the predecessors is your favorite?