A new spin series

Last year the premiere of _ The Suicide Squad _ was a worldwide event, this is because _ dc _ decided to launch the movie in non -family classification, leaving director James Gunn a extension range of options As creativity. That success was reflected in a series released this year, _ Peacemaker _ , which reached an outstanding audience.

According to a report by Variety , _ Viola Davis _ is in conversations to repeat her role from _ Amanda Waller _ in her own series. The sources say that this will be based on the end of _ Peacemaker _ . And now we will see this character following government orders, in order to try to continue controlling the actions of the antihero group that we already know.

Viola Davis Claps Back!

In this series, the daughter of _ Waller _ , _ adebayo _ , interpreted by _ Danielle Brooks _ , betrayed her mother for her clandestine operations and the fate of the character seemed to be in trouble. This could have an impact on the next decisions that are made, in addition to debateing which side she is and the intentions about some future plan.

It is worth mentioning that this future adaptation will reach the _ HBO _ platform. It will be written by _ Peter Safran _ and _ Christal Henry _ , who have worked in the series of _ Watchmen _ .

On issues related to _ HBO _ . The own _ George R.R. Martin _ commented on his blog what we can expect in relation to _ House of the dragon _ , the prequel of _ Game of Thrones _ . We leave you the complete note in the following link.

Editor's note : It will be quite interesting to have a closer point of view of this character, since she has demonstrated on several occasions to be on the side that suits her.

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