The Last of US 2 Ellie Cosplay is confused as a screenshot of the game

A cosplayer has perfectly recreated one of Ellie's most traumatic moments of The last of us 2. The very anticipated sequel to Naughty Dog arrived in 2020 after seven years of waiting and in his first two hours he surprised fanatics. Naughty Dog did not hide the fact that the players would play like Ellie in The last of us 2 but it was not clear why she was the protagonist, although there were theories about what was happening with Joel, no one could predict how annoying his role in the game.

In the first section of the game, Joel is cornered by Abby, a character that is at the same time protagonist and antagonist, and beaten without mercy. Knowing that she is probably in danger, Ellie is going to look for Joel and ends up stumbling with Abby's group that is torturing him. Unfortunately, he is murdered right in front of her. She looks impotent and the player stays with a feeling of emptiness in his stomach. In some way, Cosplayer Sandra Miller could perfectly recreate this scene with a unique image of her dressed as Ellie. The image is so perfect that many people in the answers were confused about how this is not a screenshot of the photorealistic play. The creator of The Last of Us, Neil Druckmann, also intervened to express the admiration of him by the publication. "Waiting. Is that cosplay?! So good! "He said. Druckmann on Twitter.

The publication is both a testimony of the realistic graphics that Naughty Dog could achieve as Miller's ability to recreate as closely one of the most memorable moments of the game. The Cosplay of Miller is just one of the great efforts to recreate The Last of Us in real life. The publication also begins to go crazy the imagination on how HBO will achieve this scene. We have already received some unofficial looks at Joel and Ellie in the adaptation of HBO of The last of us __But many of us are still waiting patiently for a trailer or more official program images.

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