The best equipment and class of Nikita AVT in COD Warzone

The Nikita AVT assault rifle, presented in Call of Duty: Warzone with updating 3 season, is a high -precision and rate of fire weapons. Although you can use this weapon at any distance, its game statistics and performance show that it is primarily intended for the near and medium radius of action. Here is a guide for the best equipment and Nikita AVT hinging devices in Warzone Pacific.

Best Sniper support Nikita Avt Warzone

Muzzle: recoil amplifier Star: ZAC 444mm short Optical: Slantsy reflector Reserve: Kovalevskaya folded Substract: m1941 Hand stop Magazine: * 7.62 × 54 mm 45 round stores Ammunition: elongated Back handle: fabric handle Perk 1: fleet / Hand dexterity Perk 2: at hand *

To make it suitable for use with a sniper rifle, in this assembly Nikita AVT, we paid the priority attention of mobility and range of action. The ZAC 444 mm trunk provides weapons with a large firing range at the maximum speed of the sprint to fire and aiming (ADS). In addition, the fabric rear handle, the folding butt and bonus of the fleet help to increase mobility even more.

You can also change the fleet perk to the "dexterity of the hands" if you need a faster speed of reloading your weapon. Otherwise, the attachment equipment remains the same as that of another sniper weapon of Vanguard support.


Best Combat Equipment Zone Nikita Avt

Muzzle: muffler mx Store: Empress 613mm BFA Optical: SV-40 PU sight 3-6x Reserve: Zach MS Substract: m1941 Hand stop Journal: 7.62 × 54 mm 45 round stores Ammunition: elongated Back handle: polymer handle Perk 1: bracket Perk 2: completely loaded

As mentioned earlier, the Nikita AVT cannot compete with the similar AK-47 and C58 at long-distance distances due to the slower time before the defeat (TTK). However, you can try this specific load for yourself. The barrel, bed and sub -stems used here provide the most achievable firing range and handling of weapons. This makes the weapon effective and accurate at distant distances.

Best Nikita Avt Warzone class settings

Main weapon * - Nikita Aut additional weapons - Armagerra 43 / walls / LW3 tundra deadly - throwing knife Tactical * - Steam perk 1 - Cold -blooded perk 2 - Perekon * perk 3 - combat intelligence / AMPED

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