Stranger Things: Fantastic! Start of the 4th season from 27 May 2022

Someone... broken everything. And that's why there will be time that someone is paid for it - and probably eleven is the goal of the eerie voice that is evident for the past events in the Stranger-Things-Town Hawkins... now... Because although the kids are long senques and partly no longer living in Hawkins, they can not take their past. If you want to agree with the 4th Season Stranger Things from the Duffer Brothers at Netflix, then give you the new trailer. By celebrating the leaders of Netflix the start of the fourth season.

Issue 1 of which will be available on May 27, 2022 at Netflix, issue 2 follows on July 1, 2022. In a message to the fans, the Duffers Brothers give you hopes with the way that it is with the Final Season 5 does not have to be over with the Stranger-Things saga: "There are still many exciting stories in the world of" Stranger Things ": new puzzles, new adventures, new unexpected heroes." Say: Only because the story of Eleven and her friends will be over with Season 5 of Stranger Things does not mean that Stranger Things is over.

Stranger Things 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

About Season 4 of Stranger Things

"Since the Battle of Starcourt, in which Hawkins has been hit by horrors and destruction, six months have passed. Our friends have to fight with the consequences and are separated for the first time. That they also have to finish with the difficulties of high school Does not make the whole thing easier. In this so unprotected time, a new and terrible supernatural danger appears, which poses a cruel puzzle, whose solution could finally put an end to the gray of the other side. "

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