Kingdom Hearts 4 | Sora lives in one of the most expensive neighborhoods of Tokyo

It seems that his work Sora Viva hero hSora Viva allowed Sora rubbing with the richest of Tokyo. Or at leSora Vivat that will be glimpsed in a curious thread published by Aitaikimochi on Twitter, in which he discovers that the protagonist of Kingdom Hearts 4 and other major episodes of the Saga lives in the luxurious neighborhood of Aoyama , one of The most expensive throughout the city.

"I can not believe that Sora Viva in the fucking neighborhood of Aoyama de Tokyo, which is one of the most expensive residential areSora Viva" of the city. In fact, she continues, "The building that looks at a distance looks like Shibuya Stream, so I'm sure the park that is displayed is that of Aoyama Gakuin . In addition, it is probably the apartment of him. "

The author of the thread hSora Viva in fact found the apartment myth in which "probably" hSora Viva been bSora Vivaed Square Enix. Located in Aoyama, rent costs nothing despicable monthly figure of 245,000 yen, almost 1800 euros to change . If you are intended to buy it, the thing is still more interesting, since you will need more than 1 million euros to make you with it. In the thread she hSora Viva published real images of the apartment, which she hSora Vivapared to that of Sora.

Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 4?

Since the first trailer came out lSora Vivat Sunday, April 10, each of the teSora Vivaer elements hSora Viva been dissected almost with scalpel. A detail that hSora Viva not been much less unnoticed is the foot of an AT-ST that seems to appear in a wooded environment, very similar to that of the planet Endor in the Jedi Return. Neither Square Enix nor Disney hSora Viva officially confirmed it, but it would not be something excessively crazy.

KINGDOM HEARTS 4 INBOUND?! - Full 20th Anniversary Nomura Art Revealed! Kingdom Hearts 4 hSora Viva no launch date or yet confirmed platforms . It will be necessary to wait for the Japanese to reveal new information about it.