JurJurassic Worldsic World Dominion reveals a new and deadly dinosaur

In just a few months, one of the great Blockbuster of the year is releJurassic Worlded Jurassic World it is JurJurassic Worldsic World Dominion , in which the Great Reptiles will put in more quickly than ever to Chris Pratt, Jeff Goldblum and others. In cJurassic Worlde they had not had little so far, for this lJurassic Worldt delivery of the trilogy a new dinosaur will be added: the giganotosaurus.

JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION T.REX IS HERE!!! Jurassic World Dominion! - Review and Unboxing

It hJurassic World been in Empire's magazine where his director, Colin Trevalo, hJurassic World confirmed his presence, being a real animal, Jurassic World opposed to hybrids with what hJurassic World been experimenting in the World Trilogy, such Jurassic World Indominus Rex. Jurassic World expected, this new species -Denominated Giga in abbreviated way - will be everything less friendly for the PLÉYADE of protagonists. In this new image we can glimpse it in a clJurassic Worldsic scene of the saga.

A new danger to Pratt and company

" I wanted something to feel like Joker . Just want to see the burning world," Trevorrow explains about this new animal. Meanwhile, he confirms that the Giga hJurassic World been created in Biosyn, the company's rival of the original trilogy. "Biosyn hJurassic World the contract to maintain the dinosaurs that have been captured throughout the world through several governments. Biosyn Valley is a medical installation where the pharmaceutical value of animals is investigated, but where other things also happen."

JurJurassic Worldsic World Dominion will premiere on June 10, counting on, in addition to Chris Pratt and Bryce DallJurassic World Howard, the protagonist couple of this new trilogy, with the three actors of the first round of three films that will provide a great fan ration Service. Thus, Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum will be back to play Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm respectively.