VW ID. Buzz: Der Elektro

Already smart, these chess covers: With the diesel scandal Volkswagen Anno in 2015 has maneuvered in the role of the Schmuddelkind am the car manufacturers. In order to wash back the damaged image again, corporate boss Herbert prescribed this at the earlier and decisive than others the turnturn to electromobility. The now - ImagePolitur next step - one of the most important sympathy carriers of the house the opportunity to return. Obviously, the fully electric ID.Buzz cites the iconic bulli, and even if his iconic design has been subjected to futurization, the result sees much more to T1 than after T6.1 or Multivan T7 - ​​large brand logo, V-shaped hood, optional two-tubing.

T1 as a model

The model: Well-preserved copies of the T1 Bulli are traded today at maximum prices. Vwn

But it is not only his retro charm, who qualified the T1 built in the 1950s and 1960s as a model for an electrical successor. The fact that the VW bus has become a cult object over generations, was finally on his unbeatable practical concept. The Buzz attacks: "At the T1 I sit almost on the front axle - no front overhang," says design boss Jozef Kaban. "For all safety relevance and technology, the ID.Buzz has super short overhangs". This, the clear forms and the long wheelbase offer literally spacious advantages, and the typical sliding doors make it easier.

At 4.71 meters in length, the buzz is just under 20 inches shorter than the T6.1. The bus variant imagined as a person transport company takes five people in the lounge-like interior, later a seven-seater will follow with long wheelbase. In the luggage compartment fit 1121 liters, by folding the - otherwise slidable by 15 centimeters - the second row of seats, which is remained by 15 centimeters, this can be extended to up to 2205 liters. The Cargo version in turn offers only first series two or three seats separated by a fixed partition of the 3.9-square-meter cargo hold, which in turn can accommodate two europallets with charge. However, the permissible total weight of three tons must be observed, which means that only relatively modest 650 kilograms may be charged.

Interior: This is how it looks like in the cockpit of the new large-area stream. Vwn

Even if the Id.Buzz in Hannover operates under the umbrella of Volkswagen's commercial vehicle division, its technical base comes from the car area. The modular electric kit (MEB) already use well-known group drivers such as VW ID.3 and ID.4, Skoda Enyaq, Cupra Born or Audi Q4 E-TRON. The factual cockpit layout with a relatively small driver's display and up to twelve inches large infotainment touchscreen is similar to the models mentioned, but the automatic election lever was implemented as a steering column lever, and the complete interior shows Vegan and thus leather-free, in many places Recyclate processed.

Drive on the rear axle

In Europe, ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo with a 77 kWh battery on the market, the drive takes over a 150 kW / 204 hp electric motor that drives the rear axle. About the range VW so far does not offer any details, but 400 to 450 kilometers should be realistic.

AC wallboxes and public charging points, the new stromer attracts with the usual 11 kW, the DC fast load column is tapped with up to 170 kW. In half an hour, then it is said, the battery is loaded from five to 80 percent. Two functions are interesting: on the one hand "Plug & Charge", which has been belonging to Tesla drivers for a long time for everyday life - on the charging column it does not need an app or an RFID card, the vehicle is simply identified by the charging plug. On the other hand, the Buzz dominates the bidirectional loading, electricity can not only relate, but also deliver, to the house net, for example or to electrical consumers such as e-bikes and even other E cars.

For commercial customers: The "Cargo" variant of the Buzz. Vwn

VW ID. Buzz - der beste Bulli? Endlich ist der Elektro-Bus ungetarnt! Infotainment and connectivity competences include over-the-air updates as well as numerous online services, the arsenal of the driving assistant includes a memory function for automated parking on a previously stored route as well as the "Travel Assist with Swarm Data", he makes partially automated driving Over the entire speed range and an assisted lane change on the highway possible. Speaking of automated: From 2025 the ID should. Buzz as an autonomous shuttle as part of the Moia Moia Moia.

What the electric bull is cost is not yet known as it is likely to be an entry-level price by the 60,000 euros, which can then be deducted from the reduced environmental bonus (just under 8,000 euros gross).

Palanced large formats

Large formats among the cars increasingly turn to electric drive. From VW T6.1 Tuner has developed Abt at least one electrical variant. And the room giants from the Stellantis Group there are only electric - the Opel Zafira Life as well as its French sister models Citroën Spacetourer and Peugeot Traveler. The Japanese Pendant Toyota Proace Verso also runs with electricity on request. However, which seems very meaningful in size and weight of these vehicles, however, is almost unavoidable for the manufacturers. "It's about the CO2 fleet limit," says Opels Germany boss Andreas Marx. ## Electric nostalgic Retro design is not announced at Zafira & Co. Indes. Elsewhere are classic-iconic role models, however, serve as literary vehicles of electromobility: Fiat practices the process very successfully with the 500e, and Renault will celebrate R5 and R4 an electrical rebirth.