Twitch Star Asmongold is worried: ASMR

The Streaming Platform Twitch has long been offering many areas away from the gaming and some streeaters such as Amouranth have invented their own categories, such as the Hot Tub Streams . Also in the ASMR area, Amouranth is active, but the category itself existed for a long time before her and has long been marked by the streamer.

However, Amouranth has already taken care of ASMR streams, in which she presented her certain body parts advantageously in the focus of the camera, already in the past for controversial discussions and was even banned in a row. Also Twitch-Star Asmongold sees this area of ​​the ASMR category more than critical and now expressed some concerns.

What is "ASMR" at all?

The term ASMR is actually an abbreviation and stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which translates as much as autonomous sensory meridian reaction means. People take a pleasant tingling on the skin. Because the relaxing phenomenon can also be caused by certain noises, ASMR is now a popular category on YouTube and Twitch.

What disturbs Asmongold at ASMR streams?

Although ASMONDOLD is of the opinion that ASMR streams attracted less than 1% of the Twitch visitors and defended this category with people who described the whole thing as "plague". Nevertheless, in the face of these content, he worries some, because he fears that it could have a negative impact on sponsors and advertisers **:

_ "I can guarantee you that there were advertisers who have gone to Twitch and said: Hey, hear, we hear that we saw this stream. She licked the microphone? And why does she wear yoga pants? And Shows your butt into the camera? What is it? This is not an ASMR. "_

Asmongold has no problem with the ASMR category itself, but with the increasingly sexualized variants of these streams. He seems to worry that the potential investors could expel, the Twitch only connect with pornographic content . In view of the success of Twitch and the continued prominent advertisements in popular streamers, the danger is likely to be limited in this regard.

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