Hogwarts Legacy: PS4- & Xbox-One

Hogwarts Legacy appears not only for Xbox Series and PS5, but also for the load gene consoles. But PS4 and Xbox-one players should be well superior to buying the last gene version - because according to the current information, there will be no Next-Gen upgrade possibility.

The first shops in the US and the United Kingdom have added the long-awaited game Hogwarts Legacy for pre-order to their assortment. In the case of closer inspection, the offers not only reveal the expected price for the upcoming RPG , but also point that Publisher Warner Bros. Unfortunately, on an upgrade feature between load gene consoles and the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | S dispenses.

Hogwarts Legacy: The upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series can be expensive

Best Buy, Game and Smyth's Toys UK and SMYTH's Toys have listed Hogwarts Legacy on their websites. Depending on the dealer, the PS4 and Xbox-One versions cost between 5 British pounds up to 10 British pounds / 10 US dollars than the versions for the PS5 and Xbox Series X | s. The Next Gen versions are expected to be based on the new standard of the industry and thus will probably cost $ 70 - in Germany, new Triple-A games currently expand between 70 and 80 euros in the release.

During the price difference between generations nothing extraordinary is - Sony had confessed to the release of Horizon Forbidden West because of the different pricing of the versions the annoyance of many Playstation fans - lacks the preliminary covers of the Xbox version also a reference to the Smart Delivery Feature. This recognizes on which console the game is installed and ensures that Xbox-One games receive an upgrade to the Xbox-Series-X | S-consoles , if possible. If the feature is external at Hogwarts Legacy, this would be afraid that a free upgrade of load-gene to current gene consoles would not be scheduled.

XBox: Smart Delivery is not available for all games

The recently published Wrestling Simulation WWE 2K22 does not support the Smart Delivery feature . Instead, the Xbox-ONE and Xbox-Series versions have two different product pages in the Microsoft shop. Although the load gene version can be drawn on the new consoles, but does not offer the same performance.

The further developments the industry developed by the consoles of the last generation, the less often the free Next-Gen upgrades will probably occur. Whether Hogwarts Legacy maybe the feature still incorporates, will probably show itself over the next few months. Until then, you can bring you with the gameplay trailer but ever in mood for the fantasy-rpg.

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