Genshin Impact: Two very dear characters return to the gachapones in the next 2.6

2.6 Banners CONFIRMED!! - 4 Characters AGAIN In a Single Update... DAY OF PRESENTATION OF NOVELTIES IN GENSHIN IMPACT . In the last hours, the announcement of the novelties that will reach the game in the next version 2.6 will take place on March 30 . A very anticipated update that will introduce the abyss as a new area, will mark the arrival of kamisato ayato as a new character or will serve to celebrate the introduction in the title of new events with which we will travel the last pieces of History before the arrival of Sumeru. A space in which there has also been space to announce, as is tradition, the next gachapones.

All the gachapones of the next update 2.6

Throughout the next version, the usual guidelines will be followed by dividing the patch into two phases. During the first we will have access to two desires events. In the first instance you will arrive Kamisato Ayato and venti . As usual, they will do it separately so that players can decide if they want to get the new character or bet on the archonnene. Venti is one of the best heroes for eppers and does not stay behind in combat, this being the second return of it to the gachapones.

During the second phase of update 2.6, Genshin Impact players will have an improved option to become like Kamisato Ayaka. The sister of the new character returns to the game for first time since it was originally launched last summer on the occasion of the arrival of Inazuma. She also she is good at combat and has one of the best skills to move quickly on the map Thanks to Frost path, which replaces the sprinting feature consuming less endurance and allowing you to move faster.

Unfortunately, the new update has not told us anything about any of the characters we were waiting for more craving. However, the relaunch of these gachapones is a luxury opportunity to improve our team. In addition, we have a few codes for limited time that will help us make ourselves with a few protogems in case we want to save for the launch of the new version and future desires events. We rarely have so many characters so much available , so it is better to start increasing our bank as soon as possible.