NBA: superior LeBron James leads Los Angeles Lakers to comeback victory against jazz

What a comeback victory for the Lakers! LeBron James takes his team in the fourth neighborhood on his back and leads l.a. from a 12-point residue yet to victory. However, the Lakers have to accept a thick worm drop with a violation of Anthony Davis.

Los Angeles Lakers (27-31) - Utah Jazz (36-22) 106: 101 (Boxscore)

The Big Man kinked after a dominant start (17 points in 17 minutes, 7/9 FG) in the second district evil with the right ankle and had to go with strong pain from the Court. Davis could not continue, but Lebron James took late that Issue in the hand.

After Utah long time had the game under control and was still in the fourth neighborhood with up to 12 points in the front, LeBron made serious. 15 of his 33 points (8 rebounds and 6 assists at 14/23 FG) achieved in the last pass, including a personal 10: 2 run, who finally tilted the game.

In addition, the 37-year-old received good support, especially in the final portion, from Russell Westbrook (17, 7 rebounds and 6 assists) or Austin Reaves (9), which shortly before the end an important threesome sunk. At the jazz, the beginning of Brandheisse Donovan Mitchell was too focused on himself alone, he ended the game with 37 points. Rudy Gobert stayed pale (5, 11 boards), Bogdan Bogdanovic was still on 15 meters.

The evening was actually rather promising from Lakers view. Several buckets of AD in the zone to LeBron templates brought the household one 11: 0 start, then Mitchell ripped the jazz open but in itself. The guard was completely hot, fueled a 7-0 run to the guidance of the guests and set up 15 points in the first quarter. However, Davis also held heavily with 15 meters, his corner-teared-three last second caused the 27:27 after the first twelve minutes.

Los Angeles Lakers: Worried about Davis after ankle injury

Mitchell, however, remained really well laid well in the second pass (26 points and 5/7 threesome in the first half), he kept the jazz almost single-handedly in front. Then followed for L.a. A herber setback: Davis went to the ground after an offensive rebound, when he wrapped his right ankle. The 28-year-old was under great pain and could only leave the Court supported by his teammates. Despite this injury shock, Lebron held his team now in quickest distance, it went 46:53 from Lakers view into the cabin.

Already at the half-time break, the Lakers carried out an X-ray examination at the ankle of Davis, which brought a first all-clear. On Thursday a MRI examination is to follow, first of all, according to the team, it is only a sprain, it should be treated during the all-star weekend and then be re-examined. Against the jazz suffered l.a. But of course without the Big you get along.

This exploited the jazz with a better zone presence. In the middle of the third quarter, the guests sat down to 14 meters. However, they did not manage to shake purple-and-gold finally. Lebron set with two layups back to 71:79, with this intermediate stock it was also in the last passage.

Lakers bring comeback victory to Wilder Collusion

There was a very similar picture. Again, Utah built a double-digit lead, but isolated turnover, bad throws and missing energy in the defense brought L.a. Back again. Westbrook refined a 7-0 run with an aggressive drive, at once, the households in Crunchtime were only with 5 meters behind.

This lead was fast history. Lebron only picked up against Gobert to the basket, then sank a deep threesome for three minutes before the end. The Lakers now made a very good job defensive and the other end of the court took over Lebron. His crashing Dunk to the 16: 2-run brought L.a. the lead.

Anthony Davis Injury, LeBron Saves Lakers vs Jazz Late! 2021-22 NBA Season Everything worked at King. Angerless pullup threesome of LeBron gave the hosts a 99: 96 guidance. He then awarded a FadeAway, but Royce O'Neal refused on the other side a corner-freeer and instead made a turnover. A monk-free throw and a Bogdanovic threesome (99: 100) later hit the hour of Reaves, who sinked a wide open threesome after Lebron had drawn attention of defense.

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Although Bogdanovic shortened again by Drive, but Westbrook was no longer a blurred - victory for the Lakers! After six take-off in the piece, the jazz thus cashed a setback - the men from the salt lake are now waiting for six games on a victory.