The invaders from the beyond will come to Fallout 76

In the history of computer game, some titles have actually differentiated themselves for their extremely poor essential function. They might have gotten paradoxical and balance out rates (such as the Golden Mullet Honors), have been marked as the worst by magazines or specialized sites, have obtained poor notes from the same (which translates into a weak score on Collectors like Metacritic), or little valued by gamers. Some poor titles have actually made speak about them by videographers on the net, like the Angry Computer Game Geek or the attic room player. We will speak about a bad ready several factors but the primary ones being dated or low quality graphics, several pests and also problems, misunderstanding. The checklist will only include original titles being understood to be bad. It will therefore not recognize, other than exception, the adapted titles of motion pictures or TV series, usually taken into consideration as straightforward derivatives, or independent games, frequently developed by smaller sized teams, often amateur, and also with reduced expectations.

The New Year is new enemies in Fallout 76. Before but the test servers will be visited first. Ready for invaders from the ups?

The invaders from the beings officially appear in March, but on PTS you can check now what's going on at all. And it's a seasonal event! Every hour, at full time, during this seasonal event, on one of the important places in Appalachian, the ship-mother ship will let and start deploying the siphons of brain waves. Thickness their plans, combining efforts with other people and destroying the siphons in the area.

Go a stranger who is really a boss in this area. And when you do this, you will gain a chance for rare plans for the production of cosmic weapons and modern additions to your C.A.m.p. There were also reports on curious newcomers, which were noticed in various public events.


With the update of the invaders from the ups, you will be able to continue the adventures in the season, winning S.C.O.R.E. points. With unique daily and weekly challenges, which you will graduate in public and own worlds. This is a large update to Fallout Worlds!

Bethesda also add a number of new settings from which you can use your own worlds. Turn off v.a.t.s. In clashes with other residents or the reality that enemies explode in the cloud of confetti, let the objects in C.A.m. and not only.

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