Seon Won I & Mr. News 'Changsong Arena', Google Play Popular Games 1st place

Specifically, it is possible to play a great deal of components, such as journey, mobilizing, dungeon, and taking pleasure in different components by playing a variety of web content.

Se Won Lee is likewise preparing for the Apple Application Store variation of 'Corn Arena', and the internet version that can play on the Computer likewise plans to release in January.

'Event Sector' is just 12 years of ages android customer, can be downloaded and install with Google Play as well as One Shop, and is devoted to celebratory launch of the SSR summers, and also has a range of occasions with main coffee shops.

Ever since, in Google Play, it has entered the 8th place totally free preferred video games and has been placed to begin with on the 10th, and was ranked 3rd on the first time in the very first time.

តើមានមូលហេតុអ្វីបានជា កម្ពុជាមិនហ៊ានស្នើរជួប លោកស្រី  អ៊ុងសាន ស៊ូជី? The Global Daily With the lover effect and upright relationship with the same characteristics, you can delight in a selection of fees such as PVP, PVP and also PVP, including PVP, PVP, etc.

'Ceremonial Field' was associated with the pre-reservation of the sneak peek from the last 20th to the 15th, and concerning 700,000 people took part in the appointment for the 14th as well as was introduced on the Google Play Store as well as the One Store on the sixth.

'Event Arena' appears 50 varieties with five races and also 4 work, and also combinations of the types of the types and the species of the species and also the bombs can cause the battle with numerous decks.

Sewn I & Set stated that its game posting first solution, collected RPG 'Corn Field' got on the top of Google Play Store's popular game charts.