RTX 3090 Ti: Nvidia introduces new top

GeForce is a brand of graphic cards developed by NVIDIA since 1999. The initial versions were expansion cards for desktop computer computers predestined to run video go graphics, although later they took designs for laptops. Its major rival since 2003 Radon Graphics Cards Designed by ATI, until AMD got the firm in 2006. In September 2020 they launched the 30 Series, which several suppliers such as Asus, Ava, RTXbyte, MSI, Total sell as OEM. This generation stands apart for having actually nuclei dedicated to the execution of man-made knowledge versions as well as self-reported rays trace Tensor cores and also RT Cores.

The rumor kitchen was right! As part of this year's CES, Nvidia introduced two new graphics cards, including the new GPU king: the RTX 3090 ti. But the high-performance GPU was dedicated only little time and an important detail has continued to be concealed: the price.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti: The price of the top graphics card remains a secret

Already a few weeks have been in the network rumors to a RTX 3090 Ti, now it is finally official. During the CES presentation named Special Address, NVIDIA Senior Vice President Jeff Fisher showed the new top graphics card for a few seconds and also called Some interesting details:

40 Flops Shader computing power 78 Retracing Flops

Nvidia's entire CES 2022 presentation in 10 minutes (including self-driving tech) 320 Tensor Flops 24 GB GDDR6x graphics memory @ 21 GHz

Not even a minute was dedicated to the new graphics card during the presentation, making many questions remain open. When does the new graphics card appear? How high does the performance schedule fall in games and Co. compared to the normal RTX 3090? And most importantly: How much should the fun cost?

Fisher sells the PC players and enthusiasts on the end of the month. At this point, you would like to reveal more about RTX 3090 Ti.

While the presentation, NVIDIA went to many interesting aspects in the graphics card world. Who wants, can look at the complete, almost 50 minutes of presentation himself. The RTX 3090 Ti can be seen from the minute 32:36:

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Graphics card for Sparfüchse? The new NVIDIA RTX 3050

In addition to a new high-end model, NVIDIA also introduced an additional budget graphics card during the LiveStream: The GeForce RTX 3050. According to NVIDIA, the graphics card offers enough power to play yourself Current games in the highest settings and with Retracing in Full HD with around 60 fps when DLS is activated.

Away from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, the majority of the games belonged to NVIDIA for comparison from the graphics, but rather the old iron.

In addition, it remains to be seen if the RTX 3050 is really offered for the market launch on January 27, 2022 really to the EIA or the price thanks to Scalper is driven back into absurd heights. We'll keep you up to date.