Joy City, subsidiary Rodby Web Toon New 'Shining Summer' Kakao Page Series

Joey City (Representative Court) said that the first work of the subsidiary Robby Webtoon (Representative Kim Joon-hyun) is to show 'Shining Summer' through the Aka page. The 'Shining Summer' will be uploaded to Aka page every Saturday from the last day.

The 'Shining Summer' is a new BL webtoon of this writer, famous for the 'Smurf World', 'Vanilla Saudi Sky'. The heroine 'Not Young-min, a third grade of ordinary High School, knows the first love of the first love' Won Typhoon 'that the soul has changed, and helps to find the original body, and deals with a pleasant and sweet love story that occurs in the process.

Robby Webtoon will start 'Shining Summer' in earnest this year in earnest. A total of 10 works such as romance, BL, fantasy, and games are planning this year, especially, especially, the webtoon work that utilizes 'Freestyle', 'Essential Battle',

Joey City subsidiary Robby Webtoon is a collaboration with the artist and collaboration of the Noble Comic, which shows the media mix of a variety of famous web novels, and it will also be informed in China, North America, and Europe. In addition, there is a power to improve the quality of the work, including operating a separate production studio in Korea,

Robby Web Tong officials said, We have prepared many works of quality over the past year, and we plan to emerge in the Weston market in earnest this year, said the Shining Summer, I will go out.