Asmongold: Players are interested in shit for NFTs

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More and more publishers and developers have expressed themselves in recent months at the topic NFTs, which are considered by many as an important part of the game industry future. This opinion is also Square Enix, which proclaimed the Year One from NFTs and met averse. Twitch Streamer Mongol, which is most recently, especially in Final Fantasy 14, has come to the message.

What does Mongol say to the Met averse plans of Square Enix?

It's not the first time As AMMONOID has negative about NFTs and the met averse spoke. He now used the text of Square Enix to express himself critical about the topic. People do not really talk about the met averse. The people who push the idea of ​​the met averse push are corporate chiefs who want to take away the autonomy of your personal life to continue to put them in a kingdom that they can control — The étagère.

NFTs in FFXIV? Asmongold OUTRAGED by Square Enix Plan

Mongol warns his viewers in front of marketing gossip

In the further course of the transfer on his second channel at Twitch, Mongol gives his viewers to the note not to fall in the Marketing-Tasche. That's something that will be pushed from above. It's something that many people are interested in shit. AMMONOID clearly expresses itself to the plans of the industry.

That says Mongol on NFTs

Not so negative Mongol sees the future of the NFTs. This area finds the Twitch Streamer quite interesting. However, the things that come out is currently no interest in him. Incidentally, numerous fans also recorded the news of Square Enix for New Year with a lot of disappointment and criticism.

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