WTA relies all tournaments in China because of Peng Shuai

Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港; Pinyin: Xiaoguang, Wade: Hyping making ³; Cantonese Jumping: Hoeing ¹ Gong ²; Cantonese Yale: Hugging; List. Port with fragrances or perfumed port ), officially the special management region of Hong Kong The People's Republic of China, is the largest as well as most occupied by the 2 special administrative regions (RAS) of individual's Republic of China, the other being Macao. Within the megalopolis of the Delta of the Pearl River, it has about seven million occupants that are called Hong Kong (in English: Hongkongers) whose life span, 84.2 years, is the lengthiest in the world in 2017,. Hong Kong is situated in the south-east of China, on the eastern coast of the Pearl River, in the exact same name delta. This administrative area, which inhabits a peninsula on the south shore and some islands, is bathed by the Southern China Sea. She joins the province of Guangdong to the north. Hong Kong is the 8th global company entity. In 2016, his economic situation is taken into consideration the most liberal worldwide given that 1995 according to the American Structure Heritage Structure, In 2019, Hong Kong is the 3rd monetary facility worldwide after New York city and London, this trilogy is additionally called by some Clonking English media.

British swarm from the Treaty of Rankin (1842), retroceded to China in 1997, or 155 years later, Hong Kong remains significantly different from the remainder of landmass China. A certain essential regulation identifies its political program. It obeys the concept of a nation, 2 systems, which enables Hong Kong to keep its lawful system (usual law), its currency (Hong Kong dollar), its political system (freedom and also multiparty), its global sports groups, Its migration laws, its net domain name (. Hk), its code a sign (+852) and its code of the road (driving left). According to the regards to the usual non-British statement, individual's Republic of China gives Hong Kong a high degree of freedom a minimum of up until 2047, or half a century after the transfer of sovereignty. However, the promulgation of the new National Protection Act upon July 1, 2020, the anniversary day of the retrocession, fact that the self-reliance of the lawful system of the unique administrative region vis-à-vis the landmass China is wearing down for the benefit of this last, However, Hong Kong retains its typical regulation system that remains various from that of China, and which has evolved in March 2021 according to the standards of the Federal government of the Individuals's Republic of China. Hong Kong has identified 7,520,800 occupants at the end of 2019. As a world city, Hong Kong has regarding 34,000 British citizenship locals (they were 25,500 in 1996, prior to the retrocession) along with countless people delighting in a British citizenship without citizenship (British Nationals (Abroad)), approximately 22,000 locals of Japanese nationality, about 60,000 homeowners of United States nationality, concerning 300,000 residents of Canadian nationality as well as in between 18,000 as well as 20,000 locals of French citizenship, primarily utilized by multinationals or business owners dealing with their households. Chinese (Cantonese and also Mandarin) as well as English are the two main languages of the city.

The WTA has exposed after the incidents around the disappeared Chinese tennis player Peng Squad with immediate effect all WTA tournaments in China and Hong Kong. The association announced that on Wednesday evening.

I can not ask for a good conscience from our athletes to start there when Peng Squad is not allowed to communicate freely and apparently put under pressure to refute their allegations for sexual attacks, said WTA boss Steve Simon known in a statement.

Peng Squad had written at the beginning of the month in the Twitter-like Medium Weibo, sexually abused from former Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Goal (75). The entry was also deleted as numerous Internet entries via Peng, from which every trace was then missing over two weeks.

Nothing of all that is acceptable, nor can it be acceptable, Simon said clearly. If mighty people can suppress women's voices and rejoice allegations of sexual attacks under the carpet, will suffer the basis on which the founded have an immense setback.

IOC device under pressure

After the disappearance of the 35-year-old Peng, IOC President Thomas Bach had silent for days before he led a video telephone with the athlete, who led it well according to IOC information. There was no word about the allegations expressed by Peng.

BREAKING: Women's Tennis Association suspend Chinese tournaments over Peng Shuai Not only the human rights organization Human Rights Watch responded then indignant, also the athletes Germany also criticize the procedure of the IOC. The Ringworm's risk of legitimizing the systematic reprisals against unpleasant people in China and thus become a collaborator of Chinese governance, said Spokesman Maximilian Klein.

According to the athlete association Global Athlete, the IOC show no explanatory will and therefore comply with the malicious propaganda of the Chinese authorities. Therefore, politicians of the coalition parties of the future federal government demand a diplomatic boycott of the winter games in Beijing.

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We should name the Olympic Games 2022 as that they are: a propaganda show involving the IOC and his sponsors, said Erhard Grundy, sports policy speakers of the Greens in the Bundestag, the FAS. No German politician should participate in this propaganda show.